Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Respect for religion now makes censorship the norm

Random House's actions show just how far we have lost our way in this debate over free expression and Islam: the level of intimidation, fear and self-censorship is such that one of the biggest publishers in the world no longer felt able to publish a work of creative imagination without some kind of dispensation. Jones's book does not claim to be a piece of history - it's a work of invention.

This is an interesting article considering the fact that, in some countries, one can be imprisoned for even uttering the possibility that the so-called holocaust did not happen. Of course, the author, possibily fearing accusations of anti-semitism and the possibility that she could lose her personal freedom as well as her freedom of speech, never mentions how Zionists have used "intimidation and fear" to silence individuals and organizations the world over.

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