Saturday, October 4, 2008

In Case You Missed This: Comics to Battle for Truth, Justice and the Islamic Way

Five of "The 99," from left: Mumita (speedy), Dr. Razem (a gem expert), Rughal (mystery powers), Jabbar (expandable) and Noora (sees truth).

"Muslims believe that power is ultimately God, and God has 99 key attributes," Mr. Mutawa said. "Those attributes, if they all come together in one place, essentially become the unity of God." He stresses that only God has them all, however, and 30 of the traits deemed uniquely divine will not be embodied by his characters.

And This: Author Looks to the Koran For 99 New Superheroes

Naif al-Mutawa, 37, the creator of the comic-bookseries, The 99, the first Western-style comics based on an Islamic concept. (Fiza Ambah - Post)

The heroes include Darr the Afflicter, an American paraplegic named John Wheeler, who manipulates nerve endings to transmit or prevent pain. Noora the Light -- Dana Ibrahim, a university student from the United Arab Emirates -- shows people the light and dark inside themselves. Mumita the Destroyer, a ferocious fighter, is Catarina Barbarosa, a Portuguese bombshell in tight clothes.

When Will America wake up from her slumber? Israel is destroying America financially

In the late 1970s, the American Jewish intellectual Alfred Lilienthal wrote an extremely important book on the Jewish lobby that controls contemporary America. The book is titled “The Zionist Connection: What Price Peace,” and is in my opinion one of the greatest books written in the twentieth century. The reason I mentioned Lilienthal’s book is because the Zionist control of American political life and institutions is today deeper, tighter and more encompassing than ever before. And there is no doubt under the sun that America’s steady downfall is imputed first and foremost to this impenetrable Israel-worshiping lobby which utilizes America’s power and resources for the sake of serving and promoting Zionist goals both in the Middle East and at the global level.

Hindu-Muslim family’s choice of cremation arouses anger

The dispute has especially swept up several bustling blocks in Jackson Heights, where dozens of businesses are Bengali. It had business owners on edge during the busy shopping season before this week’s Id al-Fitr festival. The festival marks the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan and brings throngs of shoppers to dine and to buy jewelry and sparkling traditional dresses.

For those who don't know, there can be no such thing as a "Hindu-Muslim family." According to Islam, Muslim men can only marry women who are Muslim, Christian, or Jewish and Muslim women can only marry Muslim men.

Newspapers get complaints for distributing anti-Islam DVD

This is a scanned image of a Clarion Fund-sponsored newspaper advertising supplement containing a DVD called 'Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West.' Newspapers that carried the advertisement and DVD critical of radical Muslims have faced complaints from readers and questions about whether newspapers should offer a platform to everyone willing to pay for distribution. (AP Photo)

Although a few papers refused to carry the DVD, about 70 including
The New York Times distributed it on the grounds that rejecting it would violate the sponsor's right to free speech. The decision generated letters, cancellations and even a protest.

Jewish "modesty patrols" terrorize unchaste women - Rabbis won't condemn them

An ultra-Orthodox woman walks past a shop selling long-sleeve shirts and ankle-length skirts which women are required to wear according to Jewish law, in a religious neighborhood in Jerusalem, Sunday, Sept. 14, 2008. In Israel's ultra-Orthodox Jewish community, where the rule of law takes a back seat to the rule of God, religious zealots are on a crusade to stamp out unchaste behavior. They hurl stones at women for 'sins' as trivial as wearing a red blouse, and attack stores that sell devices that can access the Internet. In recent weeks, modesty enforcers have been accused of breaking into the apartment of a Jerusalem woman and beating her because they suspected she consorted with men. They also torched a store that sells MP4 players, fearing devout Jews would use them to download pornography. (AP Photo/Sebastian Scheiner)

Russia's Chief Rabbi: Living in Israel weakens faith

Rabbi Lazar with Russian President Medvedev (Photo: The Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS)

Immigrants lose their faith upon moving to Israel, asserts Rabbi Lazar ahead of holiday season. While Israeli society is to blame for this phenomenon, he says, it can be reversed if one moves back to Russia

Bailout bill could cost US taypayers $1.8 Trillion

Last week, the Bush administration proposed a three-page bill to bail out Wall Street to the tune of $700 billion. It died in the U.S. House of Representatives earlier this week. On Friday, though, the House approved a far bigger, broader, and beefier version of the bill--which has ballooned to a remarkable 442 pages. The vote was 263 to 171, with the bulk of the opposition coming from Republicans. Because the Senate already approved the measure, it immediately went to President Bush, who signed it into law.

French troops: We won't go to Afghanistan

24 French soldiers have so far been killed in Afghanistan.

Troops in a military base in France have opposed their deployment to Afghanistan amid dwindling support of French forces being there.

US HIV patients exceed 1.1 million

A report by UNAIDS, the United Nations agency that tracks the disease around the world, said that an estimated 1.2 million people were living with HIV in the US.

Duplicity undermining NPT: IAEA chief

The major powers are acting contrary to the spirit of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) because they are modernizing their arsenals rather than making efforts to scrap them, International Atomic Energy Agency Director General Mohamed ElBaradei stated on the sidelines of a 145-nation IAEA general assembly meeting.

That's because the underlying intent of the NPT was never to eliminate the nuclear weapons of the nations that have them but to stop non-nuclear nations from acquiring them...

Battle over Jewish symbol roils tony town

Rabbi Marc Schneier, who counts New York Gov. David Paterson among his friends, wants the Westhampton Beach mayor and village board to approve the placement of the religious boundary called an eruv, which would allow observant Jews to perform minor tasks on their Sabbath or on religious holidays like Rosh Hashana, which was observed on Tuesday and Wednesday.

"God's Army" Fights Filipino Muslim Home

Cayang (C) is leading a fanatical Christian militia to battle Muslim groups seeking a Muslim homeland in southern Philippines.

Felimon Cayang is leading a fanatical Christian militia to battle Muslim groups seeking a Muslim homeland in southern Philippines. "We will not hesitate to kill any Moro who wants to take our lands away," Cayang, a 48-year-old farmer, told Agence France-Presse (AFP) on Friday, October 3. "We are prepared to die."

Palin - Obama's comments disqualify him for president

“Some of his comments that he has made about the war that I think may — in my world– disqualifies someone from consideration as the next commander in chief.” Palin said, “Some of his comments about Afghanistan and what we are doing there supposedly– just air raiding villages and killing civilians. That’s reckless.

Man, talk about the pot calling the kettle black...

Simpson guilty of armed robbery, kidnapping

The 61-year-old former football star was convicted of all 12 counts late Friday after jurors deliberated for more than 13 hours. He released a heavy sigh as the charges were read.

O.J. Simpson is handcuffed after a verdict of guilty on all counts was read following his trial at the Clark County Regional Justice Center in Las Vegas on Friday, Oct. 3, 2008. The verdict comes 13 years to the day after Simpson was acquitted of murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. (Photo/Steve Marcus, Pool)

Americans are supposed to be tried by a "jury of their peers." Maybe it's just me, but I'm having a hard time understanding how 9 white women and 3 white men can be considered a jury of O.J.'s peers. Surely, they could have found several people of color to serve on the jury. Clearly, an appeal is in order...

Christian groups say politics behind India attacks

From the rape of a nun to arson and killings, Christian leaders in India accuse Hindu nationalist groups of deliberately targeting Christians in eastern India to support their political agenda and shore up their support base.

Afghanistan wins spot on IAEA board after Syria withdraws

Afghanistan won a place on the 35-member board of the UN atomic watchdog on Friday, after Syria pulled out of the race for the seat. Syria had been competing with Afghanistan for a spot in the body that oversees the work of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) that had become vacant for the so-called Middle East and South Asia (MESA) group after Pakistan's one-year term expired.

U.S. Radar in Israel: What's it For, Really?

A few weeks back, the U.S. Army's European Command set up an early-warning radar system in Israel. It's ostensible purpose is to boost defenses against Iranian missiles. But Entropic Memes wonders whether there isn't something more to this radar than meets the eye.

Economic recession, depression expected in U.S.

Adults in the United States keep gloomy views about their economy, according to a poll by Gallup released by USA Today. 36 per cent of respondents claim the U.S. economy is in a recession, while 33 per cent believe it is in a depression.

According to my count, that's 69% of Americans who believe their economy is in deep trouble...

Friday, October 3, 2008

Taliban leader urged to join Afghan gov't

"I propose Mullah Omar to get back to Afghanistan as I will be wholly solely responsible for his security and I shall be answerable to the whole of the world on his behalf," Karzai said Friday in an exclusive program on Pakistan's Geo TV.

Unfortunately, President Karzai is not responsible for his own security - the Americans are. And, somehow I don't think the US would appreciate Mr. Omar joining the Afghan government...

US threatens to steal Iraq oil money

Iraqi President Jalal Talabani

Upon arrival in Iraq from Washington, President Jalal Talabani told reporters that he is concerned over Washington threats. "Washington threatened to use any means to seize Iraqi assets if we do not support the security pact," Marsadiraq quoted Talabani as saying.

Israel threatens Lebanon with destruction

Major General Gadi Eisenkot

"We will use disproportionate force against these villages (in southern Lebanon) and cause enormous destruction because from our point of view these are not villages but military bases," Major General Gadi Eisenkot, the top commander in northern Israel was quoted by Yediot Aharonot on Friday.

At some point, you just gotta ask yourself - who are these people???

Ohio woman, 90, attempts suicide after home foreclosure

A 90-year-old Ohio woman, facing eviction from the home she has lived in for 38 years, shot and wounded herself this week, becoming a grim symbol of the U.S. home mortgage crisis. Addie Polk was found lying on the floor of her home with what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound to her shoulder when police came to the home on Wednesday to serve an eviction notice, Akron police spokesman Lt. Rick Edwards said on Friday.

Stocks drop on economic concerns despite bailout

Wall Street ended its worst week in seven years with another tumble on Friday on fears that the $700 billion financial rescue package may not unblock credit markets and stave off a U.S. recession. REUTERS/Graphics

Financial stocks, which had traded sharply higher on the expectation the bill would be passed, fell after the House vote. Traders cited profit-taking and said the market was now focusing on the tough economic road still ahead and on how the bill will be implemented.

UN General Assembly Chief: Some Security Council members worse than Iran

President of the UN General Assembly Miguel D'Escoto Brockmann (Reuters)

"There are members of the Security Council right now who have done things infinitely worse than Iran could ever do," D'Escoto told a news conference. When asked who he was referring to, D'Escoto, who has a history of criticizing U.S. administrations, quoted a Spanish saying: "For those who have the power of understanding, you need only a few words."

  • A reporter asked D'Escoto what could be worse than saying that Israel, a UN member, should be wiped off the map , as Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said. "Verbally there's hardly anything that could be worse" than Ahmadinejad's comments, D'Escoto said. "Verbally. But the world is not destroyed by words but by actions ... I put more importance to deeds than words," he said. "To say that is one thing and to commit crimes against the sovereign rights and independence of another country is something else ... I think we all have to agree that no one dies because of words."
  • Israeli settlers attack Rabbis guarding Palestinian olive harvest near Hebron

    A rightist Israeli activist and a Palestinian activist holding flags in dueling rallies for and against the West Bank separation fence on Friday. (AP)

    "This is just the beginning of the olive harvest which will be going on for the next two months," said the executive director of Rabbis for Human Rights, Arik Ascherman.
    He said activists were going to 40 Palestinian villages to protect olive growers and uphold their right to work the land, and harvest. They would act "as human shields" if necessary.

    Jewish army trainee in Ga. says he was beaten

    She said one drill sergeant had called Handman "Juden" — the German word for Jews. Another demanded he remove his yarmulke, which Handman wore with his uniform, while eating in a dining hall.

    Jewish soldiers can wear yarmulkes while in uniform? I wonder if Muslim service members can wear kufis, the Muslim prayer cap, with their uniform??

    US appeals NJ Muslim cleric immigration case

    In a case that could erode hard-worn trust between Muslims and law enforcement, the government is appealing the case of a Muslim leader who won his fight to remain in the United States.
    • "We hoped they wouldn't pursue this case, as a gesture of good will, and because of the important need to reconnect with our community and build trust again," said Aref Assaf, a member if the group Americans 4 Qatanani, which supported his immigration fight. "It seems that there has been a political decision at a higher level to pursue this case, and they continue to persecute — not just prosecute — our community and our leader."
    The Zionists hate to lose...

    Congress OKs historic bailout bill

    US Republican Representative from Florida Adam Putnam (C) speaks to the press with House Minority Whip Roy Blunt (L) and Minority Leader John Boehner after a Republican party conference meeting at the US Capitol in Washington. The US House of Representatives Friday comfortably passed a revised 700-billion-dollar Wall Street bailout, bowing to intense pressure to help avert an economic meltdown. (AFP/Nicholas Kamm)

    The final vote was 263-171 in the House, a comfortable margin that was 58 more votes than the measure garnered in Monday's stunning defeat. The vote capped two weeks of tumult in Congress and on
    Wall Street, punctuated by daily warnings that the country confronted the gravest economic crisis since the Great Depression if lawmakers failed to act.

    Analysis: Palin eases the hurt in McCain-land

    Republican vice presidential candidate Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin winks as she speaks during her vice presidential debate against Democratic vice presidential candidate Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., at Washington University in St. Louis, Mo., Thursday, Oct. 2, 2008. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

    On a day when he abandoned the fight with rival
    Barack Obama in one battleground state and national polls showed him trailing overall, running mate Sarah Palin put on a debate performance that soothed the pain.

    This article, as most of the Zionist controlled main-stream media, makes it sound like Governor Palin held her own against Senator Biden. But, the fact is, she didn't.

    It was very clear from the outset that Palin was in way, way over her head. Her handlers had lower the bar for her so low, that all she had to do was show up and not fall down as she walked on stage, to "hold her own."
    Palin had no idea what she was talking about most of the time - she clearly lacks the depth of knowledge necessary to analyize the complex issues presidents and vice-presidents will have to wrestle with.

    Palin responded to well considered national and international policy positions and facts presented by Senator Biden by winking and....well, by saying things that, frankly, didn't make sense.
    The only thing Palin made crystal clear last night was that she loved Israel. That she made absolutely clear. And, as a bonafided Christian Zionist, she is being rewarded by the Zionist controlled main-steam media. If the good Governor was not such a rabid Christian Zionist and Isreal Firster, the media would call her what she is, a pretty face who can memorize and deliver her lines on cue...

    Schwarzenegger: Calif. may need $7 billion loan

    According to The Los Angeles Times, California’s Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger says California may need an emergency loan of up to $7 billion from the federal government.

    California may need an emergency loan of up to $7 billion from the federal government within weeks, the Los Angeles Times on Friday quoted Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger as saying in a letter to U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson.

    Employers cut jobs by most in more than 5 years

    In this July 30, 2008 file photo, Donte Walker reads job listings at the employment training facility, JobTrain, in Menlo Park, Calif. New applications for unemployment benefits rose slightly last week to a seven-year high due to a weakening economy and the impact of Hurricanes Ike and Gustav, the Labor Department said Thursday, Oct. 2, 2008. (AP Photo/Paul Sakuma, file)

    Employers slashed payrolls by 159,000 in September, the most in more than five years, a worrisome sign that the economy is hurtling toward a deep recession.

    Top 10 tax sweeteners in bailout bill

    The following are some of the top tax sweeteners in the Senate passed Bailout Bill. Not all the provisions are per se outrageous, but collectively are intended to help Congressional leadership get final passage of the 2008 Emergency Economic Stabilization Act.

    Israelis wary of a US radar base in the Negev

    Cheyenne Mountain's NORAD, the central collection and coordination center for a worldwide system of satellites, radars, and other early warning systems watching for threats to North American security from both aircraft and ballistic missiles. George Steinmetz/Corbis

    When a contingent of U.S. soldiers opens a radar facility on a mountaintop in the Negev desert next month, Israel will for the first time in its 60-year history have a permanent foreign military base on its soil. And despite the early warning that the American radar would provide if Iran launches a missile attack on Israel, some senior Israeli officials are nonetheless wary about its presence. Complained one top official, "It's a like a pair of golden handcuffs on Israel."

    Yea, it is - and that's exactly the intent! Did you know that ONLY American troops are allowed to operate the system, that all missile tracking data will be transmitted to the US and NOT Israel, and that the system allows the US to keep watch on Israel as well as Iran? I knew you didn't...

    Abortion in Israel: Terms of Termination

    There are close to 50,000 abortions in Israel every year

    A 1977 law ensures a low-cost, and in some cases free, legal abortion to any woman who fills one of four criteria:

    • She is under 18 or over 40 (cost to those in between: 1,500 shekels [$370]).

    • She is carrying a fetus with a serious mental or physical defect (free).

    • She claims that the fetus results from forbidden relations such as rape or incest (free) or, in the case of a married woman, that the baby is not her husband's (not free). Single women also fall under this clause, and they too must pay.

    • She shows that by continuing the pregnancy, her physical or mental health would be damaged (free).

    In 1980, a fifth criterion that allowed abortions for women living in economic hardship was abolished due to pressure from religious political parties. See the article here.

    I wonder if Christian Zionists and so-called "pro-life" groups in America know they are funding abortions in Israel??

    Israel, U.S. discuss dropping visa requirement

    The major American condition for allowing Israelis into the U.S. without visas is that they be issued biometric passports. The Americans said Israeli passports are easy to forge at present, and are already in use among criminal and terror elements interested in entering the U.S.

    This is really NOT a "diplomatic achievement," as the article claims. The universal requirement and use of biometric passports will eventually make visas everywhere unnecessary and obsolete...

    Four arrested over India nun rape

    Orissa has seen rising tension between Christians and Hindus

    The 29-year-old nun lodged a complaint on 25 August alleging rape by a member of a Hindu mob in Kandhamal district. Police are criticised for being slow to act - they say they have been trying to keep the peace in the area, which has seen weeks of Hindu-Christian violence.

    Thursday, October 2, 2008

    Russia warns Georgia against support for US war on in Iran

    Moscow said that the involvement of Georgia by the United States into a military operation against Iran will pose an additional threat to Russia's national security.

    In other words, an attack against Iran will be viewed as an attack against Russia...

    US financial crisis causes spike in online anti-Semitism

    The US financial crisis has provoked an outpouring of anti-Semitism on the Internet, with Jews being blamed for the debacle on Wall Street, a monitoring group said on Thursday.
    • "The age-old canards about Jews and money are always just beneath the surface," said Abraham Foxman, the national director of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which fights anti-semitism.
    Mr. Foxman, you can fool all of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time. Do you really think all of the American people are blind?

    Tree man Dede cured, Human Papiloma Virus warts vanished

    THE world's infamous Tree Man, Dede, is well on the road to recovery, after amazing footage has revealed most of his gnarled warts have disappeared.

    In Dede's case, due to a low immune deficiency, the virus flourished to a massive, debilitating infection. Over nine months, Dr Gaspari issued Dede with chemotherapy and performed gruelling surgery to remove 13lbs of branch-like warts.

    FBI Prevents Agents from Telling 'Truth' About 9/11 on PBS

    The FBI denied Rossini and Miller permission to participate in the book or the PBS "NOVA" documentary, which is also being written and produced by Bamford, on grounds that the FBI "doesn't want to stir up old conflicts with the CIA," according to multiple reliable sources.

    US group granted rare approval to set up office in Iran

    The American Iranian Council (AIC), a research and policy think tank devoted to improving ties between the two arch enemies, was given a license to establish a presence in Tehran by the US Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), officials said.

    10,000 Iraqi Christians demand self rule

    More than 10,000 Iraqi Christians demonstrated Thursday in the northern Dahuk province, demanding self-rule in their area and restoration of a clause in the new elections law that would guarantee their representation in provincial councils.

    The "‘Obsession" with Islam

    The 60-minute film was first released in 2006 and shown during the mid-term elections on Fox News. Since then it has received top billing at ‘Islamo-Fascism Awareness’ week on American campuses, at Christian-Zionist conferences and at events organised by Republican politicians in Florida. It has found a powerful backer in the real estate magnate Sheldon Adelson, who describes himself as ‘the world’s richest Jew’. The Endowment for Middle East Truth, a neoconservative think tank in Washington DC which recently hosted a series of seminars named after Adelson and his wife, arranged distribution of ‘Obsession’, at a cost in the tens of millions.

    Palin and Biden Stake Claims on Change

    My last comment for the night on the debate is an example of Governor Palin's circular reasoning on global warming:
    • “I’m not one to attribute every activity of man to the changes in the climate,” she said. “There is something to be said, also, for man’s activities, but also for the cyclical temperature changes on our planet. But there are real changes going on in our climate, and I don’t want to argue about the causes.”
    Something to watch for in the coming days - McCain is a strong supporter of Israel and Palin is a rabidly strong supporter of Israel. Both have expressed a devout love for Israel and the "Jewish" people and voiced a desire to relocate the American embassy, which is now in Tel Aviv, to Jerusalem. But, how do the American people really feel about Israel?

    Do the American people really share their devout love for the "Jewish" people and Israel?? Do the American people really see Israel and America's #1Middle East ally??? If they do, then McCain and Palin wins by a land-slide, but if they don't, expect to see Obama slowly pull away from McCain as we close in on election day.

    Remember Hillary's comment that she would "obliterate" Iran, if Ahmadinejad attacked Israel? How much this comment contributed to her lost to Obama we'll never know, but you can bet, it did have some effect. Of course, this is a subtle but very important point the Zionist controlled main-stream media will never make known to the American public.

    Muslim researchers sue Texas A&M for religious discrimination

    Two former Texas A&M University researchers allege colleagues threw animal feces and urine on their prayer rug and routinely mocked and mistreated them because they are Muslims from Iraq, according to a federal lawsuit.
    • "The folks at A&M treated them horribly because they looked different, ate different food and spoke differently and because they are from Iraq and Muslim," the couple's lawyer, Shane McClelland, was quoted as saying in Friday's online editions of the Houston Chronicle.

    Terrorism verdicts overturned in New York

    NEW YORK - A federal appeals court Thursday overturned the convictions of a Yemeni cleric and his deputy, finding they were prejudiced by inflammatory testimony about unrelated terrorism links in a case the United States once touted as a victory in its war against terrorism.

    The VP Debate: The Strangest I've Ever Seen

    Exactly an hour into the debate, Joe Biden began an answer by saying, "Facts matter, Gwen." To him, maybe. To Sarah Palin, maybe not. The pattern, so far, has been one of Biden presenting facts and Palin countering with… saying stuff. Sometimes she throws in a fact, but mostly she seems to be offering a string of approximate policy positions, encomiums to the American spirit, disputed interpretations of Barack Obama's record and anecdotes from Alaska.

    Some facts adrift in veep debate

    Facts went adrift on taxes, deregulation and more Thursday when Republican Sarah Palin and Democrat Joe Biden clashed in the vice presidential debate.

    Palin, Biden spar on Iraq, economic crisis

    Republican vice presidential nominee Alaska Governor Sarah Palin smiles during the U.S. vice presidential debate at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, October 2, 2008. REUTERS/Jim Young

    Republican vice presidential candidate
    Sarah Palin accused Barack Obama of voting against funding for U.S. troops in combat Thursday night in their much-anticipated campaign debate and chastised his Democratic running mate, Joe Biden, for defending the move, "especially with your son in the National Guard" and headed for Iraq.

    And, she really, really, really loves Israel...

    McCain pulling out of Michigan

    Republican presidential candidate, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., boards his campaign plane in Arlington, Va., Thursday, Oct. 2, 2008. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

    McCain will go off TV in Michigan, stop dropping mail there and send most of his staff to more competitive states, including
    Wisconsin, Ohio and Florida. Wisconsin went for Kerry in 2004, Ohio and Florida for Bush.

    The article makes it sound like the economy is the main reason why McCain can't gain traction with the voters in Michigan. But, another reason might be the fact that Michigan is home to the largest US Arab/Muslim population, and they're not happy with the McCain/Palin positions on the three I's - Iran, Iraq and Israel. Of course, the Zionist controlled main-stream media will never mention this possibility because they would be admitting to the growing Arab and Muslim political influence in the United States.

    Some bailout no votes turn to yes

    Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., gestures during a press conference about the financial bailout package on Thursday, Oct. 2, 2008 in Washington. (AP Photo/Lawrence Jackson)

    Desperate to avoid another market-crushing defeat, House leaders won key converts Thursday to the $700 billion financial industry bailout on the eve of a make-or-break second vote.

    Looks like the fix is in...

    ei: Month in pictures: Ramadan in Palestine, September 2008

    ei: Month in pictures: Ramadan in Palestine, September 2008

    Posted using ShareThis

    Tel Aviv drug den closed but the prostitutes, addicts and dealers remain

    The building on Finn Street began as an apartment house rented out to women working in prostitution but gradually became a drug trafficking center, where dealers, addicts, pimps and prostitutes lived together, under the nose of the police, the municipality and the Ministry of Social Affairs. The arrangement was convenient for everyone: the municipality, because the addicts and prostitutes did not leave the site, did not interfere with the urban routine, ostensibly did not disrupt the public order and simply rotted away together. For the police it meant a concentrated source of intelligence was all located in a single building, easy to locate when needed, creating a sense that crime did not extend beyond the premises.

    Saudi woman takes brother's car for joyride

    An Eastern Province police spokesman told Arab News on Tuesday that the identity of the young woman from Hofuf, who reportedly stole her brother’s car, picked up a friend and went for a joyride that ended up with the vehicle wrecked in a stream, will not be revealed.

    What Ahmadinejad really said about Israel's right to exist

    Ahmadinejad was asked: "If the Palestinian leaders agree to a two-state solution, could Iran live with an Israeli state?"

    This was his response:

    If they [the Palestinians] want to keep the Zionists, they can stay ... Whatever the people decide, we will respect it. I mean, it's very much in correspondence with our proposal to allow Palestinian people to decide through free referendums.

    See the interview and read the full text on the Democracy Now website.

    Not surprisingly, Ahmadinejad's interview was not even mentioned by the Zionist controlled main-stream media outlets. President Ahmadinejad has been demonized and called Hitler for supposedly making the well debunked "wiping Israel off the map" statement - but the media ignores one of his most important statements. Typical...

    China versus the Zionist economy

    THE CENTER OF THE WORLD ECONOMY has shifted to Asia. A burgeoning Asian economy centered in Beijing is now threatening to take over the failed Zionist banking system as evidenced in the current US financial crisis that no bailout is going to solve. Economists say that soon China will supersede the now biggest economy of the world, the USA, especially owing to the current problems of the failed US banks. China is presently the world’s second-largest economy after the United States.

    Russia's Medvedev - "US dominance is over"

    Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has said that the era of US global economic dominance is over. Speaking after talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in St Petersburg, Mr Medvedev said the world needed a "more just" financial system.

    Israel is a schizophrenic state

    This schizophrenia, convenient for both sides, has been nurtured by the Olmert government. Despite the prime minister announcing his backing for the evacuation of settlements beyond the fence, he essentially gave the settlers free rein after the destruction of the Amona outpost.

    "Hundreds of Israeli settlers join in violence against Palestinians

    "These hundreds are engaged in conspiratorial actions against Palestinians and the security forces. It's a very grave phenomenon...." "The margins [in the settler community] are expanding, because they are enjoying a tailwind and the backing of part of the leadership, both rabbinical and public, whether in explicit statements or tacitly."

    In other words, elements of the State are supporting terror against the Palestinians - well, doesn't that make Israel a TERRORIST STATE??

    Topless virgins dance for Swaziland's King Mswati III

    King Mswati has 13 wives, and he could pick another from among the dancers. "Being chosen by the king would be a bonus for me. I would like occupy one of the royal palaces one day," Hlongwa said shyly.

    Australian Holocaust "questioner" Gerald Toben arrested

    Extradition ... Fredrick Toben has been arrested for publishing internet material "of an anti-Semitic and/or revisionist nature" / Simon Cross

    The arrest warrant accuses 64-year-old Toben, who also uses the first name Fredrick, of publishing material on the internet "of an anti-Semitic and/or revisionist nature" in Australia, Germany and other countries.

    TRUTH does not need to be enforced by threat of arrest and imprisonment. TRUTH is it's own defense. Only a LIE must be PROTECTED and FORCED down the throats of people...

    See my comments on an earlier post entitled: "Respect for religion now makes censorship the norm." The author argues that Muslims use "fear and intimidation" to silence criticism of Islam. Yet, she never mentions how Zionists and the governments that support them use "fear and intimidation" to perpetuate the Zionist version of the so-called holocaust...

    New airport security scanner a "strip search"

    The "Backscatter" scanning machine raised privacy concerns when it was introduced in the U.S. with rights advocates saying it amounted to "a virtual strip search". The technology, which is high energy and claimed to be harmless, allows screeners to detect non-metallic devices, objects and weapons concealed on a person's body, but also to see a person's organs and genitals.

    World's fattest man to wed

    The world's fattest man, Manuel Uribe, will wed his long-term girlfriend this month / AP

    The two, who met in 2004, will marry in a civil ceremony at a location still to be decided, the AP said. Mr Uribe is unable to leave his bed and any outing involves hoisting him onto the back of a truck. This year Guinness World Records declared Mr Uribe the world's heaviest man. The 43-year-old has shed about 250kg since his highest weight of 560kg in 2006.

    Well, fat people need love too...

    Life returning to normal for "Treeman"

    Life is slowly returning to normal for Indonesian man Dede after months of treatment on his warts / AFP

    Dede, a 37-year-old from rural West Java, went home in August after nine months of operations to remove the woody growths that had smothered his hands and feet. American dermatologist Anthony Gaspari was moved by Dede's plight after his story made headlines around the world last year.

    Flirting with Palin earns Pakistani president a fatwa

    U.S. Republican vice-presidential nominee Alaska Governor Sarah Palin shakes hands with Pakistan's President Asif Ali Zardari during a meeting in New York September 24, 2008. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

    With some overly friendly comments to Gov. Sarah Palin at the United Nations, Asif Ali Zardari has succeeded in uniting one of Pakistan's hard-line mosques and its feminists after a few weeks in office.

    Death toll rises to 224 in Indian temple stampede

    A police officer carries a stampede victim at the Chamunda Devi temple inside the massive 15th century Mehrangarh fort in Jodhpur, India, Tuesday, Sept. 30, 2008. At least 80 people were killed and more than 150 injured when thousands of pilgrims stampeded Tuesday at a Hindu temple in the historic town of Jodhpur in western India, police said. (AP Photo)

    The death toll was revised upward after police found that several local people had taken their dead relatives home and later cremated them without informing authorities.

    India struggles with Hindu attacks on Christians

    In this Sept. 15, 2008 file photo police officers chase away a Christian protester protesting against the attack on churches in Mangalore, India. Asked about a surge in anti-Christian violence that has swept India in recent weeks, the Sikh prime minister of this largely Hindu country was adamant in his denunciations: 'We are a secular state. We are a multireligious, multicultural nation,' Manmohan Singh told reporters during a stopover in France. He called the attacks 'acts of national shame.' (AP Photo, File)

    How I became a target for Israel's "Jewish terrorists"

    Professor Zeev Sternhell is a Holocaust survivor and a combat veteran of Israel's wars

    Zeev Sternhell is careful about his choice of words when he unhesitatingly calls the pipe bomb which exploded outside his front door last week "an act of Jewish terrorism."

    Former Abu Ghraib guard says prisoners were treated even worse than was reported

    Benjamin Thompson, a former guard at Abu Ghraib, said little changed at the detention center after shocking photos of U.S. guards engaged in torture were leaked to the media.

    In February 2004, Benjamin Thompson was sent to Abu Ghraib to guard Iraqi prisoners. Two months after he arrived, photos of grinning American soldiers torturing and sexually abusing naked Iraqis were leaked to the world. Thompson saw nothing like that at Abu Ghraib. What he did see, he says, was worse.

    Hallway of Abu Ghraib prison...

    US sending fewer Iraqi refugees to Michigan to ease economic woes

    Michigan is one of the nation's top destinations for Iraqi refugees, having received about 3,000 of the 13,823 Iraqi refugees allowed into the country between Oct. 1, 2007, and Sept. 30, 2008, based on U.S.. State Department figures obtained by The Associated Press on Wednesday. Now the state only can take refugees who have a close relative such as a parent, child or sibling in the state.

    Senate gives final OK to US-India nuclear deal

    The accord, which the Senate passed 86-13, will allow American businesses to begin selling nuclear fuel, technology and reactors to India in exchange for safeguards and U.N. inspections at India's civilian, but not military, nuclear plants. The pact, which the House approved Saturday, marks a major shift in U.S. policy toward nuclear-armed India after decades of mutual wariness.

    Wednesday, October 1, 2008

    Gym officials: China's 2008 gold medalists of age

    In this Sept. 19, 2000 file photo, Chinese gymnasts Yang Yun, left, and Dong Fangxiao wave flowers after recieving the bronze medal in the women's gymnastic team finals at the 2000 Summer Olympic Games in Sydney. The investigation into the ages of China's gold-medal women's gymnastics team has been expanded to include members of the 2000 team that won a bronze in Sydney, the Associated Press has learned. International gymnastics officials are examining whether Yang Yun and Dong Fangxiao, in particular, were old enough to compete at the Sydney Olympics. Gymnasts must turn 16 during the Olympic year.

    "We applaud the serious efforts of the International Gymnastics Federation and International Olympic Committee to conduct an investigation given the level of speculation that existed," said Steve Penny, president of USA Gymnastics. "We believe the continuing investigation regarding the evidence from the Olympic Games in Sydney underscores the importance of maintaining a fair field of play and identifying methods to prevent questions of this nature in the future."

    Students at Christian university confess to hanging Obama effigy from tree

    Students at Oregon's George Fox University gather at an assembly a day after a cardboard cutout of Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., was found hanging from a tree on campus. (Courtesty KATU TV)

    School officials at the Christian university declined to identify the four students or provide further details about their punishment. Local police are not pursuing the incident because they didn't find the act to be criminal, but the FBI has opened a preliminary investigation into whether or not any civil rights laws were violated, according to FBI spokeswoman Beth Ann Steele.

    To some evangelicals, Palin's career violates biblical teachings

    Audra Trujillo, right, signs up for a bible study class at Placerita Baptist Church in Newhall, Calif.

    In a white-steepled church along a stretch in picturesque canyon country, the preacher laid out the basic blueprint of a godly marriage: Husbands lead, wives submit. Speaking recently before hundreds of worshipers at Placerita Baptist Church in Newhall, guest preacher Chris Mueller affirmed the view that loving male headship and gracious wifely submission are God's plan for spouses.