Saturday, September 27, 2008

Tenative deal reached on financial markets bailout

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the $700 billion accord just after midnight but said it still has to be put on paper.

Lavrov: new Europe security pact needed

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov

"It is a process involving all participants who would reaffirm their commitment to fundamental principles of international law, such as the non-use of force and peaceful settlement of disputes, sovereignty, territorial integrity, non-interference in internal affairs, and the inadmissibility of strengthening one's own security by infringing upon the security of others," he concluded.

Sounds reasonable to me...

Nine Israelis arrested for US lottery scam

US federal agents and Israeli police arrested nine Israelis in Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan on Friday on charges that they bilked New Yorkers out of more than $2 million through a lottery telemarketing scam. They are accused of cold-calling people in New York from a "boiler-room" operation in Ramat Gan and asking them to wire as much as $40,000 to Israel to claim nonexistent international sweepstakes prizes.

Isn't this the kind of crime Americans should be made aware of? Why haven't we heard this on network news? Ohhh, silly me - these are Jews and the American main-stream media are controlled by Zionists, that's why...

Israel's UN Envoy call UNSC's meeting on settlements "a show"

Israel's UN envoy, Gabriela Shalev. Photo: Courtesy

"I think it was a show," Ambassador Gabriela Shalev told The Jerusalem Post Friday after a two-hour Security Council hearing, in which Saudi Arabia, the Arab League and the Palestinian president demanded an immediate end to settlements.

Unfortunately, Shalev is probably right...

'US delivers advanced high- powered radar system to Israel'

The United States has transferred to Israel a new and advanced high-powered radar system that will improve Israel's reaction time to an Iranian missile strike, the Defense News Magazine reported over the weekend.

One would think, with all of the supposedly brilliant minds in the US and Israel, that someone would figure out that if Israel is attacked, it won't be with 2 or 3 missiles. Any attack will entail the simultaneous launch of multiple missiles from multiple launch pads in multiple locations. Unless the US can give Israel something that can track and knock down 20-30 or more missiles all at once, whatever they give them is like pissing in the ocean - it won't make no difference.

$700bn won't save America from a slump

There is a simple reason why US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson's $700bn bail-out package has been so hard to sell to politicians and the American people: it won't really work. Despite the historically massive expenditure and all the little clauses to make sure Wall Street fat cats get their comeuppance, the plan is unlikely to do anything to save the world's biggest economy from a long and crippling downturn.

The question is: Can Palin give a coherent answer?

Sarah Palin during her interview with the CBS News anchor Katie Couric. At times she seemed lost for words

The reviews of Sarah Palin's latest television appearance tumbled in yesterday and they were ugly. In only the third major broadcast interview since she was selected by John McCain as his running mate at the end of August, she seemed at times lost for words and not all those she spoke fitted together.

In other words, Palin is a blithering idiot...

Why the West thinks it is time to talk to the Taliban

Negotiations have begun in secret with the enemy in Afghanistan. Jason Burke reveals the back channels of diplomacy that led to the controversial talks.

Revealed: secret Taliban peace bid

The destroyed entrance gate of the Kandahar prison that was attacked by Taliban militants in June this year. Photograph: Allauddiin Khan/AP

The Taliban have been engaged in secret talks about ending the conflict in Afghanistan in a wide-ranging 'peace process' sponsored by Saudi Arabia and supported by Britain, The Observer can reveal.

Russia slams failure of U.S. "unipolar" policies

In a strongly worded speech to the U.N. General Assembly, Lavrov called the U.S.-led war in Iraq a "painful blow" to global anti-terrorism efforts and questioned the NATO-led force fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan. He described U.S. foreign policy as "unipolar" meaning that Washington regarded itself as the world's sole superpower, able to act without regard to the views of others. "The illusion of a unipolar world confused many," Lavrov said. "In exchange for total loyalty they expected to receive a carte blanche to resolve all their problems."

Paul Newman dead at 83

In in this 1969 file photo, actors Robert Redford, left, as the Sundance Kid and Paul Newman as Butch Cassidy appear in this scene from the film ''Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.'' Spokeswoman for Paul Newman says, Saturday, Sept. 27, 2008, that the screen legend has died at age 83 after battling cancer. (AP Photo/20th Century Fox)Photo Tools

Newman, who died on Friday aged 83, first starred alongside Redford in the 1969 "Butch Cassidy", the much-loved Western about two outlaws on the run.

Father leaves nine children at Nebraska hospital

Parents are abandoning teenagers at Nebraska hospitals, in a case of a well intentioned law inspiring unintended results. Over the last two weeks, moms or dads have dropped off seven teens at hospitals in the Cornhusker state, indicating they didn’t want to care for them any more. “They were tired of their parenting role,” according to Todd Landry of Nebraska’s Department of Human and Human Services, quoted in USA Today.

China's "spacewalker" heads backs to earth

Astronaut Zhai Zhigang of China waves as he exits the Shenzhou VII space craft in this September 27, 2008 video grab. Zhai became the first Chinese man to walk in space on Saturday, clambering out of the space craft in a technological feat that Beijing wants the world to marvel about. REUTERS/CCTV via Reuters TV.

The man who made China's historic first "footprint in space" is preparing to return to earth on Sunday after a historic mission that boosted national pride and took his country one step closer to the moon.

Ministers plan pulpit protest - will endorse presidential candidate

Defying a federal tax law they consider unjust, 33 ministers across the country will take to their pulpits this Sunday and publicly endorse a candidate for president.

Jack Cafferty Tells Us How He Really Feels About Sarah Palin

Jack Cafferty selects a piece where Palin is responding to a question about the Wall Street Bailout plan. But, Jack could have asked Palin about any topic - Russia, Iraq, Iran, Energy - ANYTHING, it wouldn't have mattered. This lady is clueless. But, notice how Zionist and Israel Firster Wolf Blitzer, tries to defend Palin - Wolf immediately offers the excuse that Palin has "been scramming" in perparation for the interview. To Cafferty's credit he didn't let Wolf get away with it!

See the video here

In Case You Missed This: Lost in translation

My recent comment piece explaining how Iran's president was badly misquoted when he allegedly called for Israel to be "wiped off the map" has caused a welcome little storm. The phrase has been seized on by western and Israeli hawks to re-double suspicions of the Iranian government's intentions, so it is important to get the truth of what he really said.

So, why does McCain and Palin continue to parrot this obvious lie? If Israel's friends in Congress base their provocative rhetoric and aggressive actions towards Iran on what they are sure to know by now are intentional mispresentations of President Ahmadinejad's statements, and if that provocative rhetoric and those aggressive actions somehow lead to war, isn't that treason???

American Muslims Shifting Ramadhan Focus

"It's not just about the food," Sayed said, "it's also about being part of the community."

Young Saudis Reinvent Ramadan

"Spirituality is not about abstaining from food or performing physical prayers. It's about a closer connection to God. It's about intentions," he said. "Are you doing this to perform a set of movements you are meant to do, or are you doing it for God?"

McCain, Obama question each other's judgment

In a 90-minute debate that gave undecided voters their first chance to directly compare the White House candidates in the November 4 election, McCain and Obama traded heated jabs over the economy and security, highlighting broad policy differences but producing no major blunders or knockout blows.

McCain and Obama spar in first debate

US presidential rivals Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama have attacked each other over foreign policy and the economy, in their first debate.

Palin told to quit after media savaging

Cindy McCain (L), the wife of US Republican presidential nominee John McCain, and his running mate Sarah Palin wait for the Clinton Global Initiative to begin / AFP

Pro-Republican columnist Kathleen Parker, writing in the National Review, said the Alaska governor was now such an embarrassment to the party that she should step down as John McCain's vice-presidential nominee.... "Palin's recent interviews with Charles Gibson (ABC News), Sean Hannity (Fox News) and now Katie Couric have all revealed an attractive, earnest, confident candidate. Who Is Clearly Out Of Her League," Parker said.

I totally agree... Sarah Palin is a JOKE! She is a certified Christian Zionist and Israel Firster thats dangerous for America...

Queen asks UK Government for pay rise

WE are not immune ... facing rising prices for fuel, food and home repairs like everybody else, the Queen's aides say she hasn't had a pay rise for 20 years and is struggling to make ends meet.

The shortfall has left what has been described as a "black hole" in Buckingham Palace's accounts of several million pounds each year and led to claims that the Queen will be unable to balance her books if she is not awarded extra funding within the next three years.

Why are Christians under attack in India?

The government has deployed hundreds more federal police to eastern India after one person was killed and several injured in the latest clashes between Hindus and Christians triggered by religious conversions. More than 20 people, mostly Christians, have been killed and churches burned over the past month.

Interview With President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

The question is really over Zionism. Zionism is not Judaism. It is a political party. It is a very secretive political party, which is the root cause of insecurity and wars. For 60 years in our region people have been killed, they have been threatened for 60 years, they have been aggressed upon for 60 years. Several large wars have occurred. A large number of territories there are occupied. More than five million people have been displaced and become refugees. Women and children are attacked in their own homes. They demolish homes over the heads of women and children with bulldozer, in their own house, in their own homeland. These are not crimes that one can shut ones eyes to. We disagree with these criminal acts and we announce it loud and clear. The anger of the U.S. government does not prevent us from saying loud and clear what we think about these acts. As long as these crimes are not rooted out we will continue voicing our concern.

US deploys radar, troops to Israel

U.S. European Command has deployed to Israel a high-powered X-band radar and the supporting people and equipment needed for coordinated defense against Iranian missile attack, marking the first permanent U.S. military presence on Israeli soil.

Bomb reportedly kills 17 in Syrian capital

The TV said a car packed with 440 pounds of explosives blew up on Mahlak Street, located in a southern neighborhood of the capital near the junction to the city's international airport. Anti-terror units were investigating, it said.

Public anger builds over Wall St. bailout talks

Some 300 protesters lashed out against a proposed $700 billion government bailout of the financial sector on Thursday. Demonstrators on on Wall Street in New York chanted: "You broke it, you bought it," and "bail me out, too!"

As politicians and business leaders struggle to reach a deal on a $700 billion bailout for Wall Street, anger is reaching the boiling point on Main Street if readers’ e-mails to are any indication.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Deal reportedly reached on U.N. Iran resolution

The United States, Britain and France have been pressing for a new round of sanctions to step up pressure against Iran for its continuing refusal to suspend uranium enrichment as a prelude to talks on its nuclear program. But Russia and China objected to new sanctions.

Man, what Horse Manure - Look at the headlines "Deal reached on UN Iran Resolution." Now, read the article. Clearly, the only DEAL that was reached is that there will be NO NEW SANCTIONS.

Swiss man flies over Channel on jet wing

A May 14, 2008 file photo shows Switzerland's Yves Rossy flying with a jet-propelled single wing over the Alps in Bex, Switzerland. Weather permitting, Rossy will leap from a plane more than 2,500 meters (2,700 yards) off the ground, fire up his jets and try to make the 35-kilometer (22-mile) from Calais in France to Dover in England in about 12 minutes on Thursday, Sept. 25, 2008, according to a statement put out by his organizers. (AP Photo/Anja Niedringhaus, File)

Yves Rossy leapt from a plane at more than 8,800 feet (2,500 meters), fired up his jets and made the 22-mile (35-kilometer ) trip from Calais in France. Rossy passed over a thin strip of land in front of South Foreland lighthouse, looped over onlookers and opened his parachute, his wings still strapped to his back.

US Financial Meltdown - The Party’s Over

For years, we Americans have spent more than we earned. We save nothing. Credit card debt, consumer debt, auto debt, mortgage debt, corporate debt — all are at record levels. And with pensions and savings being wiped out, much of that debt will never be repaid. Our standard of living is inevitably going to fall. For foreigners will not forever buy our bonds or lend us more money if they rightly fear that they will be paid back, if at all, in cheaper dollars.

West 'wise enough' not to attack Iran

"Western countries will suffer from disastrous consequences if they attack Iran…I think they are wise enough not to do that," he added.

Israel ambassador to UN: General Assembly chief is an Israel hater

Israeli ambassador to the United Nations Gabriela Shalev on Thursday called the President of the UN General Assembly Miguel d'Escoto Brockmann an "Israel hater" for having hugged Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a vocal enemy of Israel.

How much more of this Zionist self-serving bull-sh*t is the world going to put up with before they tell Israel, the "shi*tty little country" that it is, to go to hell??

Palin: No Second Guessing Israel's "Security Efforts"

In an exclusive interview with CBS News, Katie Couric speaks with Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin about her various positions on foreign policy and diplomacy. (

For those who are still no sure what a Christian Zionist and Israel Firster sounds like - Click to watch the comedy show here

This lady is a frigging idiot. She has absolutely no foreign policy experience and knows absolutely nothing about the Middle East. Clearly, her Zionist handlers gave her some talking points that included the now completely debunked phrases "wipe Israel off the map" and "stinking corpse" which she had to read as she glanced at her notes while muddling through her response...

What a frigging AIR-HEAD!! What a frigging NIGHTMARE!!!...

EU assessment: IDF can't stop Iran alone

EU diplomatic sources who specialize in the Middle East believe that Israel cannot stop the Iranian nuclear program on its own using military means, The Jerusalem Post has learned. Teheran has effective countermeasures against air strikes, and the sources do not see Israel committing ground forces to a battle in Iran, pointing to the American experience in Iraq on that score.

In other words, Iran really can kick the "Zionist Entity's" as*...

For French Muslims, a Catholic education

Amina Zaidi (center) and Nadia Oualane (right) in the courtyard of the St. Maurton Catholic School in Marseille. (Franco Zecchin for the International Herald Tribune )

The bright cafeteria of Saint Mauront Catholic school is conspicuously quiet: It is Ramadan and 80 percent of the students are Muslim. When the lunch bell rings, girls and boys stream out past the crucifixes and the large wooden cross in the corridor, heading for Muslim midday prayer.

Sarah Palin Playboy photoshoot?

Hugh Hefner has reportedly asked Sarah Palin to pose for his magazine if she doesn't get elected as Vice President.

Yea, I can see that...

Surgeons chopped off my penis

Furious Philip Seaton is suing doctors in the US after claiming he did not give surgeons consent to cut off his manhood. Surgeons at the hospital in Kentucky said they had to take the drastic action after discovering a life-threatening cancer.


Girl sexually abused as she lay dying

Three boys came across her and carried her to the nearby grounds of a college, the inquest was told. Two of them pulled down the girl's tracksuit pants and tried to have sex with her. One said he thought the girl was drunk, another thought she was dead. The girl died of head trauma later that night.

Russia hints at tighter Opec ties

Russia has collaborated with Opec in reducing oil exports when prices fell in the past, but expectations of an even closer alliance have risen since the attendance of the deputy prime minister at Opec’s ministerial conference earlier this month. “There has to be a Russian factor” in determining prices “and maybe not just one”, Sergei Shmatko, the energy minister, told reporters in Russia’s remote Kamchatka region.

Delayed US bailout sends dollar and markets down

The floor of the New York Stock Exchange on Sept 25 2008 in New York. Jin Lee / AP

Asian stocks and the US dollar fell while treasuries rose today after talks over the US$700 billion (Dh2,571 trillion) plan to save the financial system hit a snag and the biggest ever US bank failure dashed hopes for a quick recovery.

Wall street bailout talks in disarray

George W Bush speaks during a bipartisan meeting with members of congress including the presidential candidates Republican John McCain, left, and Democrat Barack Obama, right, at the White House on Sept 25 2008. Tim Sloan / AFP

Negotiations in the US Congress toward a massive bailout for Wall Street fell into disarray yesterday night after a contentious White House meeting, with lawmakers later offering conflicting reports about the position of the presidential candidate Senator John McCain.

Middle East Quartet must show its teeth

The Quartet’s greatest failure has been in not holding Israel accountable for accelerating the impoverishment and suffering of Palestinians. In the short term, the Palestinians desperately require aid – nearly 80 per cent of Gaza’s residents depend almost entirely on foreign assistance for their daily needs. In the longer term, Palestinians must be allowed to develop their own means of cultivating economic growth and development. By deliberately cutting off hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in the Gaza strip, not just from economic exchange but from many of the essentials of modern life, Israel advances no one’s interests – particularly not its own.

Israel uses ‘bad science’ to justify occupation

Jawad Siyam says 88 homes in the Bustan neighbourhood of Silwan, seen in the background, face demolition threat. Jonathan Cook / The National

When news emerged in June that, in what the Antiquities Authority later admitted was “a serious mishap”, dozens of skeletons from the early Islamic period unearthed in Silwan close to the al Aqsa mosque had been discarded without inspection, no archaeologist would speak on the record.

Quartet is failing to improve Palestinians' lives

Palestinians unload sacks of food from a United Nations Relief and Works Agency lorry. Saif Dahlal / AFP

Leading aid agencies have warned the Middle East Quartet that it is failing to improve the lives of Palestinians or advance the prospects of a peace settlement.

Well, NO SH*T! Any Palestinian could have told you that!!

UN Security Council to debate Israel settlements

The U.N. Security Council has agreed to end months of silence and discuss Israeli settlement activities on land the Palestinians want for a future state, a U.N. spokeswoman said Thursday.

What a joke...

Radical Settlers Take On Israel

The Jewish settlement of Itamar in the West Bank, with the Palestinian city of Nablus in the background. Some settlers are violently resisting any pullout prospect.

There have been bouts of settler violence for years, notably during the transfer of Gaza to the Palestinians in 2005. Now, though, the militants seem to have spawned a broader, more defined strategy of resistance designed to intimidate the state.

But, of course, since they're Israeli Jews, they CAN'T be terrorists - they're RADICALS...

German police seize terrorist suspects on plane

German police commandos grabbed two terrorist suspects from an Amsterdam-bound flight early Friday before the plane took off from Cologne, police said.

Washington Mutual - U.S. largest bank fails

A man leaves a branch of Washington Mutual in the financial district of New York September 19, 2008. (Lucas Jackson/Reuters)

Thursday's seizure and sale is the latest historic step in U.S. government attempts to clean up a banking industry littered with toxic mortgage debt. Negotiations over a $700 billion bailout of the entire financial system stalled in Washington on Thursday.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ark. evangelist arrested in child-porn probe

FBI agents on Thursday arrested evangelist Tony Alamo at an Arizona motel, alleging he transported minors across state lines for sexual purposes.

Paulson Fears Bailout Deal May Collapse

ABC News' George Stephanopoulos Reports: Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson fears the Wall Street bailout deal is falling apart after a chaotic White House meeting, sources say.

Now, look! I told you As* Holes once already not to worry about the details - just sign the g*d-damned bailout. We're Jews - you can TRUST US...

Israel sought permission to attack Iran - Bush said No

A view of the nuclear enrichment plant of Natanz in central Iran. Photograph: EPA

Israel gave serious thought this spring to launching a military strike on Iran's nuclear sites but was told by President George W Bush that he would not support it and did not expect to revise that view for the rest of his presidency, senior European diplomatic sources have told the Guardian.

The answer was more like, HELL NO! After Iraq and Afghanistan, you couldn't melt the US down and pour it on another Islamic country...

Nuclear waste piling up at U.S. hospitals

Waste is secured inside steel drums, encased in concrete vaults in an uncapped trench at Energy Solutions in Barnwell, S.C. A South Carolina law that took effect July 1 ended nearly all disposal of radioactive material at the landfill, leaving 36 states with no place to throw out such stuff.

Tubes, capsules and pellets of used radioactive material are piling up in the basements and locked closets of hospitals and research installations around the country, stoking fears they could get lost or, worse, stolen by terrorists and turned into dirty bombs.

Full financial bailout agreement eludes lawmakers

Protestors march past the New York Stock Exchange during a rally against the Wall Street bailouts, Thursday, Sept. 25, 2008 in New York. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

Key members of Congress claimed agreement Thursday on an outline and crucial details of an urgent multibillion-dollar plan to stave off national economic disaster, but a historic White House meeting with President Bush, the two men fighting to replace him and other congressional leaders broke up with conflicts in plain view.

Lawmakers: Financial bailout agreement reached

Warned that time was running short to bolster the distressed economy, congressional Republicans and Democrats reported agreement in principle Thursday on a $700 billion bailout of the financial industry, and said they would present it to the Bush administration in hopes of a vote within days.

And, the American taxpayer is not even offered a can of vaseline...

Iran to launch satellite with own rocket to space

Iran has in the past launched satellites using rockets built by other nations, but this was the first announcement of such a launch with an all-Iranian made rocket.

New home sales plummet in August, prices tumble

In this July 25, 2008 file photo, a new home is for sale in a Little Rock, Ark., neighborhood. The Commerce Department said Thursday, Sept. 25, 2008, government data show sales of new homes dropped sharply in August, falling to the slowest pace in 17 years. The average sales price fell by the largest amount on record, too. (AP Photo/Danny Johnston, File)

The Commerce Department said Thursday that new homes sales fell by 11.5 percent in August to a seasonally adjusted annual sales rate of 460,000 units, the slowest sales pace since January 1991.

Hang 'Em High!

Seven years after 9/11, we witness another, greater and even more enjoyable collapse, that of the American financial pyramid. It took some twenty years in building; its collapse took only a few weeks. Let us cut the hypocritical crap: this was a wonderful show, no ifs, ands or buts. The US stock markets boomed when they bombed Baghdad and Belgrade, they prospered when they robbed Moscow and squeezed sweat from Beijing. When they had it good, they had plenty of money for invading Iraq, threatening Iran and strangling Palestine. In short, when it was good for them, it was bad for us. Let them have a taste of their own medicine!

Jerusalem: Professor Ze'ev Sternhell lightly wounded by pipe bomb

Police believe motive behind attack on renowned political scientist was 'ideological;' Peace Now condemn law enforcement authorities' lenient hand with settler groups, warn extreme Right 'a threat to democracy'

Notice how the words "terror" or "terrorist" are never used. But, isn't terrorism defined as "the use of violence to achieve an ideological or political aim?" I guess this definition only obtains if you're a Muslim - Jews are exempt...

Israel's Livni says attack on leftist professor 'intolerable'

Professor Sternhell and his daughter Yael - Photo: Guy Asayag

Foreign minister denounces detonation of pipe bomb outside Ze’ev Sternhell’s Jerusalem home, says 'war on country's borders is not enough if values are not upheld'.

One might ask what "values" Israel proposes to uphold? Israel is a land of Zionist racists and murders perpetrating the fraud of civility...

Jewish Maryam Embraces Islam

My increasing sympathy for Islam and Islamic ideals enraged the other Jews I knew, who regarded me as having betrayed them in the worst possible way. They used to tell me that such a reputation could only result from shame of my ancestral heritage and an intense hatred for my people.

US Leaders Recommend Muslim Diplomacy

"(The US) needs to make a significant shift in our relations with Muslim countries, relying more on diplomacy and helping to lay the foundation for democratic development," Armitage said. (Google)

"The Bush administration is held in low regard in the Muslim world, and unfortunately that’s led to America being held in low regard," said Weber.

Well, NO SH*T Sherlock! You finally figured that one out, did you? What happened? Losing faith in your Zionist handlers, are you?? Starting to question the Zionist world view??? Ohhh, Mercy Me!

Chinese spacecraft heads toward orbit

The Chinese astronauts, left to right, Jing Haipeng, Zhai Zhigang and Liu Boming, attending a ceremony on Thursday before the launch of the Shenzhou 7 space craft. (Color China via AP)

The three-day mission is part of Project 921, China's ambitious manned space program, and is expected to include the first Chinese attempt at a space walk. Success would make China only the third country to accomplish a space walk, after Russia and the United States.

Democrats claim Wall St. bailout breakthrough

"We now have between House and Senate Democrats an agreement on what we think should be in the bill, and we have a meeting scheduled at 10 a.m. tomorrow to meet with the Republicans," said Frank, chairman of the House of Representatives Financial Services Committee.

China banks told to halt lending to US banks

Chinese regulators have told domestic banks to stop interbank lending to U.S. financial institutions to prevent possible losses during the financial crisis, the South China Morning Post reported on Thursday.

Florida Congressman: Palin 'Don't Care Too Much What They Do With Jews and Blacks'

"If Sarah Palin isn’t enough of a reason for you to get over whatever your problem is with Barack Obama, then you damn well had better pay attention," said Hastings. "Anybody toting guns and stripping moose don’t care too much about what they do with Jews and blacks. So, you just think this through."

Pakistan "fires on Nato aircraft"

Nato forces in eastern Afghanistan say their helicopters have been fired upon by a Pakistani military checkpoint.

I guess the Pakistanis were serious - so, stay the hell out!

Israeli shelling of Gaza village could be war crime: UN report

Palestinian women march in Gaza city to protest against the Israeli army operation in Beit Hanoun in November 2006. The UN Human Rights Council voted Wednesday to adopt a report of inquiry that says the Israeli shelling of a Palestinian village in which 19 people died could be construed as a war crime. (AFP/File/Said Khatib)

The 24-page report on the November 8, 2006 attack on Beit Hanoun, in the Gaza Strip, was prepared by a high-level fact-finding mission led by South African bishop and Nobel peace prize laureate Desmond Tutu.

I wonder how it is that so-called Christians like Barack Obama, Sarah Palin, and George Bush can so completely reject the findings and recommendations of Christian Anglican Bishop and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Desmond Tutu and take the side of Israel - a non-Christian and anti-Christ racist state? Go figure...

Ahmadinejad to dinner? Furor ensues over religious groups' event.

We object: Activists rallied across the street from the United Nations in New York Monday, denouncing Iran's government the day before President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad arrived. (Louis Lanzano/AP)

Religious organizations dedicated to global bridge-building and peacemaking are under fire for cosponsoring an interfaith iftar dinner Thursday evening that includes President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran. The Iranian leader is in New York to speak at the United Nations.

It seems the Zionist Christians and Jews, and general Israel Firsters aren't satified with controlling who the American Government can and cannot meet and speak with, now they want to control the relationships of religious groups as well...

Previous Jingoist link here

Accused of anti-Semitism, Ahmadinejad meets Jews

Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (R) speaks as Rabbi Moshe Ber Beck of Neturei Karta, a fringe Ultra-Orthodox movement within the anti-Zionist bloc, listens during a meeting in New York, September 24, 2008. (Brendan McDermid/Reuters)

The group is a small anti-Zionist organization that says it adheres strictly to the Torah, the Jewish holy book, which it says forbids the establishment of a Jewish state before the coming of the Messiah. It supports Palestinian sovereignty over the Holy Land and financial restitution for past losses.

Ever wonder why we never hear about the Neturei Karta's call for Israel to be "wiped off the face of the earth?" After all, these folks really believe Israel shouldn't exist.

Previous Jingoist link here

Neocons, Ex-Israeli Diplomats Push Islamophobic Video

A group of hard-line US neoconservatives and former Israeli diplomats, among others, are behind the mass distribution, ahead of the November US presidential election, of a controversial DVD that critics have denounced as Islamophobic. The group, the Endowment for Middle East Truth (EMET), is working with another organization called the Clarion Fund, which produced the 60-minute video and is itself tied closely to an Israeli organization called Aish Hatorah.

Previous Jingoist link here

Palin saved from "'witchcraft" through prayer

Sarah Palin, the Republican vice presidential candidate is standing before Bishop Thomas Muthee in the pulpit of the Wasilla Assembly of God church, holding her hands open as he asked Jesus Christ to keep her safe from "every form of witchcraft."

See video - Prayer for Sarah

US court: Monitoring Muslims was constitutional

A federal appeals court says it was constitutional for the United States to require visitors from two dozen Arab and Muslim countries and North Korea to register with immigration authorities.

In other words, it's okay to "profile" based on race, religion, appearance, point of origin, and any other "suspicious" attributes one might have - as long as the person profiled is Arab or Muslim, of course. North Koreans were also included, but the clear targets of this policy were and still are Muslims, even though the policy has supposedly been phased out.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bush warns of "long and painful recession"

U.S. President George W. Bush delivers a nationally televised address from the White House to discuss a $700 billion financial rescue plan that he feels is needed to shore up the U.S. economy, in this frame grab taken in Washington on September 24, 2008. (Reuters/White House Television)

His dire warning came not long after the president issued extraordinary invitations to presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain, one of whom will inherit the mess in four months, as well as key congressional leaders to a White House meeting on Thursday to work on a compromise.

Okay, so either Bush is lying to us now or he was lying to us last week when he said the "fundamentals of the economy were sound." Of course, there is a third possibility - that he doesn't know what the hell he's talking about...

Democratic leaders ask for a smaller bailout

Under the plan, which is still emerging, Congress would approve a fraction of what President Bush is asking for — perhaps $150 billion or $200 billion — to allow the government to begin rescuing tottering financial companies.

Housing grim as financial rescue debate rages

A condominium is put up for sale in San Francisco, California August 14, 2008. (Robert Galbraith/Reuters)

The pace of existing home sales decreased 2.2 percent to an annual pace of 4.91 million units while the median national home price declined a record 9.5 percent to $203,100, the National Association of Realtors said on Wednesday.

UN Secretary General recognizes Iran peacemaker role

On Tuesday, in his brief meeting with Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad, United Nations secretary general Ban Ki-moon asked for Iran's assistance with the political process in Iraq and expressed appreciation for Tehran's mediating role in the Caucasus.

Ahmadinejad talks Holocaust on CNN

In a recorded Tuesday interview with the renowned TV host, President Ahmadinejad said that Zionism blocks research on the Holocaust. “They (Zionists) don't allow anyone to freely discuss the historical events that happened. They just say this is our account of history, this is what happened and everybody else must just accept it,” said Ahmadinejad.

I saw this interview. To Larry King's credit, he asked appropriate questions and gave President Ahmadinejad adequate time to respond. In all, it was a "fair and balanced" interview.

See part 1: here
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You can find the complete text of President Ahmadinejad's UN speech here.

Anti-Christian attacks flare in India

CHURCH VANDALIZED: In Karnataka last week, Christian protesters also clashed with police. SK Mohan

While Hindu nationalists claim that the unrest is caused by missionaries forcing conversions on Hindus, Christians – and most secular observers – say the violence is politically motivated, designed to win votes for the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party.

US report: Rise in Israeli violence against Messianic Jews and Christians

Violence against Christian evangelical and Messianic Jewish communities in Israel increased significantly during the period between July 1, 2007 and June 30, 2008, according to the US State Department's Annual Report on International Religious Freedom. The report, released last week, put blame for the "tensions" on "certain Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities."

McCain aide's firm was paid by Freddie Mac

Senator John McCain with Rick Davis, his campaign manager, at the Republican National Convention in September. (Charlie Neibergall/The Associated Press)

The disclosure contradicts a statement Sunday night by McCain that the campaign manager, Rick Davis, had no involvement with the company for the last several years.

Goldman Sachs to get $5 billion from Buffett

Warren Buffett, shown at a shareholders meeting earlier this year, described Goldman Sachs as having an "unrivaled global franchise." (Carlos Barria/Reuters)

In return, Berkshire Hathaway, the conglomerate run by Buffett, will receive perpetual preferred shares in Goldman Sach, said the spokesman, Lucas Van Praag. The preferred stock will pay a 10 percent dividend.

Iran's Ahmadinejad: US 'empire' nears collapse

"American empire in the world is reaching the end of its road, and its next rulers must limit their interference to their own borders," Ahmadinejad said.

Can anyone in their right mind disagree?

Unrepentant Bush delivers his last speech to UN

There was no departing from his usual script of indignant impatience at the shortcomings of other world leaders, governments and institutions as President George Bush came to New York today to give his eighth and last address to the United Nations, a body that has never found him particularly palatable.

Only one word comes to mind - EMBARRASSING

Russia Won’t Meet With U.S. on Iranian Nuclear Program

Russia said on Tuesday that it would not participate in a meeting with the United States this week to discuss Iran’s nuclear program, the most significant indication yet of how Russia’s war with Georgia has spoiled relations regarding other security issues. Russia’s move apparently effectively scuttled the meeting.

Experts offer alternatives to bailout approach

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson testifies before the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs on the Turmoil in the U.S. Credit Market on Tuesday, Sept. 23.

To hear Henry M. Paulson Jr. and Ben S. Bernanke tell it, there is only one plan to save the economy -- use $700 billion in taxpayer money to take the worst of
Wall Street's assets off its books. But leading economists and financial thinkers argue that there are a host of alternatives that would reduce taxpayers' liabilities and perhaps more effectively address the urgent crisis in financial markets.