Thursday, September 25, 2008

Israeli shelling of Gaza village could be war crime: UN report

Palestinian women march in Gaza city to protest against the Israeli army operation in Beit Hanoun in November 2006. The UN Human Rights Council voted Wednesday to adopt a report of inquiry that says the Israeli shelling of a Palestinian village in which 19 people died could be construed as a war crime. (AFP/File/Said Khatib)

The 24-page report on the November 8, 2006 attack on Beit Hanoun, in the Gaza Strip, was prepared by a high-level fact-finding mission led by South African bishop and Nobel peace prize laureate Desmond Tutu.

I wonder how it is that so-called Christians like Barack Obama, Sarah Palin, and George Bush can so completely reject the findings and recommendations of Christian Anglican Bishop and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Desmond Tutu and take the side of Israel - a non-Christian and anti-Christ racist state? Go figure...

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