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'US, Israel two sides of same coin'

"The US and its protégé, Israel, are two sides of the same coin in their brutal killing of innocent people," said the prominent Lebanese cleric in his weekly Friday prayer sermon delivered from the Imamayn Hassanayn Mosque in Haret Hreik.

Insider Tells the Truth About the Cover-up of the Attack on the USS Liberty

"For 35 years Capt. Ward lived with the bitter knowledge that his fellow servicemen had been deliberately murdered in what was an act of war by a foreign power and yet because of the orders he received was powerless to say anything. A conflux of events however led him to make the decision to ‘damn the torpedoes’ and to let the chips fall where they may. ‘I’m an old man’ he told AFP. ‘They can’t threaten my job, and if they throw me into jail, so what? The truth has to be told for the benefit of the survivors and for the American people whose sons and daughters are dying today’."

But, sadly, no one in the American Congress or White House gives a damn...

4 Marines die in Afghanistan; 870 inmates escape

"KANDAHAR, Afghanistan - About 870 prisoners escaped during a Taliban bomb and rocket attack on the main prison in southern Afghanistan that knocked down the front gate and demolished a prison floor, Afghan officials said Saturday. And in western Afghanistan on Saturday, a roadside bomb exploded near a U.S. military vehicle, killing four Americans in the deadliest attack against U.S. troops in the country this year, officials said."

US Consults Israel on Anti-terror Plans

"The Los Angeles International Airport, the world's fifth busiest airport, has clinched a deal to consult Israel on anti-terror measures, reported the Los Angeles Times on Saturday, June 14. "To have Israeli eyes on LAX on a constant basis, it's a huge deal," Los Angeles City Councilor Jack Weiss said."

Yes, it is a hugh deal - but not in the way Mr. Weiss seem to imply...

Our Government’s Dirty Little Secrets.

"A Government ready to rely on those friends of liberty, the Democratic Unionist party, to shred the liberties of our own people are almost by definition unembarrassable, but I hope this evening to add to the issues ventilated in a recent Channel 4 "Dispatches" programme to adumbrate the extent to which the tragedy in Somalia, which so many people are now becoming aware of, is another of our Government's dirty little secrets."

In Israel, Walt, Mearsheimer receive praise and rebuke

A questioner confronts author Stephen Walt, right, after his talk in Tel Aviv on June 12, 2008.
By Dina Kraft

"In Israel for the first time since publication of their controversial, critical book about the pro-Israel lobby in the United States, Profs. Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer were met with praise and rebuke."

Plan Would Lift Saudi Oil Output to Highest Ever

"Saudi Arabia, the world’s biggest oil exporter, is planning to increase its output next month by about a half-million barrels a day, according to analysts and oil traders who have been briefed by Saudi officials."

McCain attacks Guantánamo ruling

"John McCain on Friday described the decision by the Supreme Court to allow Guantánamo Bay prisoners to challenge their detention in US courts as “one of the worst decisions in the history of this country”."

McCain is a bitter old man...

Journalist Revitalized Washington Talk Shows

Tim Russert was recording a "Meet the Press" introduction in an NBC sound booth in Northwest Washington when he collapsed and was taken by ambulance, accompanied by his longtime producer Betsy Fischer, to Sibley Memorial Hospital, where he was pronounced dead soon afterward. He was 58.

Change, What Change?

"On Tuesday June 3 Barack Obama claimed the greatest prize the Democratic Party can offer, namely his nomination as its candidate for the presidency. The very next day the salesman of “change” raced from Minnesota back to Washington and publicly abased himself at the feet of an organization whose prime mission is to ensure that change unpalatable to the state of Israel will never be pressed by the United States government. The terms of Obama’s surrender exploded like rhetorical cluster bombs across the Middle East. To Israel and its Arab neighbors it surely signaled that whoever moves into the White House next January, there will be no swerve from Bush’s role as guarantor of Israeli intransigeance."

Egypt blocks 'radioactive' shipment from Israel

"Egyptian authorities on Friday refused to allow an Israeli truck carrying 32 tons of tiles into Egypt after high radiation levels were detected in the shipment, a security official said."

US criticises new Israeli settlement for east Jerusalem

"The United States reiterated Friday that Jewish settlements undermined Israeli-Palestinian ties after Israel announced a second project for settler homes in east Jerusalem."


Brzezinski Says Bush Should Dissuade Israel From Attack on Iran

"In an interview on Bloomberg Television's "Political Capital with Al Hunt,'' Brzezinski said an armed conflict between Israel and Iran would widen to include the U.S. as Iran struck back against American forces in Iraq and Afghanistan."

Not to mention what will happen to the world's economy because of skyrocketing oil prices. And, regardless of what Brzezinski claims about Iran's ability to retaliate, I'd hate to be an Israeli after Iran is attacked...

Iraqi PM: Security deal with U.S. at 'dead end'

"Talks with the United States on a new long-term security pact have reached a "dead end" because of U.S. demands that infringed Iraq's sovereignty, Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki said Friday."

The Long Road Ahead Will Be Hard-Earned

June 12, 2008

By Vincent Guarisco
(A time to reverse crucial mistakes)

"The Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word 'crisis.'
One brush stroke stands for danger, the other for opportunity.
In a crisis be aware of danger – but recognize the opportunity."
~John F Kennedy (1917 – 1963), Speech in Indianapolis, April 12, 1959

Many years ago in the dead of winter in 1982, I met-up with my father in Washington DC. I traveled there in November from Arizona to attend the historic unveiling of the new Vietnam Memorial Wall -- a national tribute given to a weeping nation trying to heal from the madness of war. At that time, the Iran Contra affair was ragging-on and there was much talk of re-registering our youth (once again) for the possibility of a new draft. In spite of everything happening around us, tens of thousands gathered for this monumental moment in history.

For me, it was one of the most significant, impressionable experiences of my life. Many family members and friends of the fallen were there in large droves searching the Wall for their lost loved ones. They came from every major city across America. For the most part, it was calm, silent and surreal -- a solace kind of atmosphere as we eerily scanned its newly polished surface inch by inch. This would continue for what was a 246-foot long eternity until suddenly, when we least expected it, frantic cries and loud wailing would sporadically pierce the air and echo over the 10-foot-high panels when someone found a loved one's name etched on the black granite marker.

This repeated itself time and again as we all moved sideways slithering in awe with the crowd, blown away by this seemingly endless Wall and the sadness it represented. The emotion was very thick indeed. So thick in fact, even with the sharpest blade forged by man, you could not even scratch the surface to escape the sorrow. Many people with tired and shaking hands rubbed etchings over the names, while others took pictures to mark their long painful pilgrimage. And some could not move at all. They were the ones who just stood there looking ahead with that familiar thousand-yard stare. And then there were others who were so completely overwhelmed with grief, they had to back away from the dark polished abyss -- often falling to the ground with faces held in hands wiping the tears -- unable to continue their search; regardless of the distance they had traveled to get there.

In total, there is a staggering 58,268 names etched in that wall, which is a tribute engraved in stone to forever honor our fallen brave who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Each moment was haunting. As we slowly drifted sideways seeing our own reflections blending with the dead, it was as if the lost were reaching out to us, their silent cries engulfing us -- sending shivers in waves across our skin. We soon realized we were not alone in this place, and never will be. Even now, 26 years later, it still gives me goose bumps to recall the experience. I walked away knowing I would never be the same again -- that the ghosts of that war will forever be chained to my ankle...

After the crowd settled down a bit, my father and I had a moment's pause to sit by the reflecting pool to catch our breath and talk. The conversation we had is one I shall never forget as well...

This memorial site has special meaning to my father because he is a WWII, Korea Navy combat veteran who served his country with honor. He had walked through the ashes of Hiroshima after the atomic bombs were dropped on Japan, and afterwards was inadvertently used as a guinea pig in Atomic Weapons Testing at Operation Crossroads in the Marshal Islands. This was a man who had seen and done a lot in his lifetime.

We sat there for while and talked about life, death, war and many other important topics affecting our nation and society. And then I popped a question to him that had weighed heavy on my mind all day. I wanted to know his opinion of what he thought was the worst thing that had happened to our country that took us down the wrong path -- what he thought was the defining moment that sealed our fate as a nation gone wrong.

The answer I got was not what I expected. As an Atomic Veteran, I expected him to say the invention of the Atomic Bomb was the strongest nail in our coffin or something else down that splitting-of-the-atom line. Instead, he told me that allowing the 'Bank of England' into our midst was the worst mistake our leaders ever made. Then, he said another big mistake was taking us off the gold standard and he explained how Congress giving 'corporations' the same constitutional rights as American citizens became our eulogy. After that, he said it all went downhill. War became a profitable 'spectator sport' for those holding our nation prisoner with one cold, callus hand on the trigger pointed at us, with the other holding the throttle full-steam-ahead at the fiat printing press.

At the time, I really didn't understand the full gravity of what he was talking about. But now, as an adult who is a little older and wiser I know what he meant.

Fast-forward to today. We now find ourselves consumed in endless wars, gas at four and five dollars a gallon, skyrocketing food costs, hyper-inflation and record-breaking home foreclosures, etc., Dad's old eulogy talk is ringing in my ears. It's true, all our citizens are alarmed and scared of what the future might bring. The level of gloom and doom during this election-year cycle is at a level not felt since the great depression. Virtually everyone is feeling pessimistic, gripped with tension and anxiety, and hopelessly trapped in a dreadful cauldron of malaise. At age 48, it's a terrible atmosphere I have not felt in my lifetime. My America, the country in which I was born and love more than life itself is unrecognizable in terms of leading the world in industrialization, economics, technology, science, export and global trade in a rapidly changing marketplace.

The times are changing and the global economic pie is no longer contained in a familiar American tin. Look around, our rise to the most envied nation in the world is now a lost memory -- a corporate package with liability stamped on it. A foreclosure sign now hangs around the necks of brokerage firms on Wall Street with its money crazed minions quickly scurrying to the back of the international line with busted heads as we fall from grace. Three words snap to mind how the world now perceives us in monetary terms -- brassy, intolerant and indebted.

These days, it seems the newcomers of the world have left us coughing in their dust as they successfully stride ahead with wise investments, robust modernization, accessible education, manufacturing jobs galore, and a much friendlier foreign policy agenda without the costly burden of prolonged war under their heels. Indeed, America's chickens have come home to roost. And, although we did encourage them to develop, we forgot the most important rule, to help ourselves along the way.

These were the seeds we planted and thus bitterly sowed. In depth and breadth, our failure has given great rise to other nations. We no longer have the most prominent ranking in investor confidence. Not only do we no longer keep pace in ideas, culture, goods and services, but we are not even close in many sectors. Our riches are increasingly lost, and we now dwell in financial crisis. We are indebted to Asian central banks; teetering on the brink of an economic meltdown.

What happened? We were always led to believe we are so enriched -- so far ahead of the learning curve of success. Or were we? I think the time has come that multi-national natives (our pupils) are self-Pax determined to thrust themselves into new financial dimensions for a new modern day power shift. However, the fact remains, it does not come without an element of risk for them as well. Bottom line, to keep this new wealth and power, they must first master and control our capitalism better than we did. They will have to successfully navigate the turbulent waters filled with staunch IMF rule-makers roaring to globalize the planet for their New World Order. Yes, It's the irony of all ironies, we encouraged them, we trained them and we twisted their arms to join the advanced world to reap the spoils of 'free trade,' and now it seems -- rainbows no longer end on America's doorstep. Indeed, we are up a creek without a paddle.

Maybe this grand bungling of the national wallet will live in infamy as the great 'Fools Paper Rush' of our time ending American parochialism? Hmm...we can only hope. Or maybe, if we all catch our breath and take pause, we may actually learn a thing or two? Maybe we can finally come to terms with the fact that unfettered capitalism without 'restraint' is not as free and prosperous as we were led to believe? Indeed. Our indebted woe is not too hard to figure out. If we had stayed on the gold standard and not invited international bankers into our midst, we would not be having this discussion today. Thus, It would not take a wheelbarrow full of worthless paper dollars (or a sea of digital transactions) to maintain our living standards. Until then, the Fed will continue to manipulate our economy at will, and we will never recover.

It truly is the biggest rip-off scam ever contrived in this modern era. Simply ask any hard-working American who has lost his or her life's savings from on-demand inflation, or fallen victim to their monopolizing credit tactics, etc... From 1913 on through Alan Greenspan's tenor, to the current meltdown on Ben Bernanke's watch, we have been usurped. Also, most wars in our nation's history have been financed by them as well.

Take a bow Mr. Fed, we are now broke-down, busted-up, beaten-sideways and still borrowing over seven trillion (and counting) on a busy monetary expressway -- with hood in air -- as the world speeds by with unimpeded ability and ease. And here's the kicker, the so-called money we cherish, the same ink paper we hoard in our pockets and wallets, is worthless. Just little notes of green colored paper worth one or two cents at best. How can this be you say? Well, it's simple Einstein logic, any currency must have real tangible resources (of equal value) to back it's worth, such as gold or silver. Or it's properly deemed 'Fiat' money (worthless). Now you understand why the world is dumping Federal Reserve 'Notes' for other currencies, because it's not worth the paper it's printed on.

Sadly, most Americans foolishly believe the Federal Reserve is part of the U.S. Government. Nothing is further from the truth. Members of the Federal Reserve are 'foreign' investors cashing-in at our expense. Even our 'voluntary' IRS payments (another illegal scam) are directly deposited into Federal Reserve bank accounts -- not in the US treasury. Why do we allow this? Our Constitution explicitly forbids its existence.

Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution clearly states that only Congress shall have the power to create money and regulate the value thereof. Not a bunch of international bankers cleverly filling their pockets as we fall into the sinkhole of poverty.

And Article 1, Section 10, states: 'No State shall make any thing but Gold and Silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts.' Take note, for the first 72 years from our country's birth, we used only gold and silver coins as Tender. Not toilet paper promissory notes.

Even 45 years later, God rest his soul, I'm sure John F. Kennedy is rolling in his grave like a fiat printing press in high gear. Bottom line, JFK dearly tried to dissolve the Federal Reserve system (along with the CIA), because he recognized the real danger for us to continue doing business in this manner. He wanted to put an end to the madness before our nation's wealth was completely squandered. He wanted to return our nation back to its people (us). And for his brave and honorable effort, he was riddled with bullets. And what did we do about it? Nothing. We pissed-in our pants and let the shooters get away.

I often wonder what it takes to inspire others for real change. Is it rage? Ponder this, I wonder if a certain young field agent named George Herbert Walker Bush, then working for the CIA, was donning a Hobo suit on that fateful day when John was gunned down like a dog in the street? When questioned by the Warren Commission, Bush senior refused to divulge his whereabouts at the time of the assassination. Yeah, I guess it will always remain a mystery, and we will continue to look at the grassy knoll and scratch our heads as the years roll by.

Yes, we truly lost a great moral and ethical compass that day. Perhaps one of the last. As an American, is your blood boiling? As an American, it better be. How does it make us feel now, 45 tears later, to know that our great heroes have died in vain? I have one more question that will help us restore honor -- where are those God Damn modern magic bullets when you really need them?!? Chew on that, Federal Reserve cronies, Tri-Lateral commissionaires, Foreign Banksters and Neo-con Chicken Hawks and all other energy/oil/arms manufacturing tycoon types who continue to subvert the American way of life. Screw you! And the White House horse you rode in on. Rage is powerful mojo. Harness it well and make it work for a change...

And the beat goes on. The horrible awe continues to confuse most for what is yet to come. These days, all I see is evil men pulling the levers of power. All are given a free pass around 'Go' in the 'corp-media' backdrop regardless of our instability. Most are elevated to rock star status -- saints doing us a favor. Well, at least I have the satisfaction of knowing I'm not fooled by the grand canard. I see the cruelty, the greed, the torturing, the spying, the killing and endless war for what it is. A hardship handed out like poison suckers in a innocent schoolyard. We are so easily manipulated. It's almost too painful to watch, much less experience.

Even today, as our economy plummets into the abyss, I do not hear a single word, or see any debate whatsoever about the 'Federal Reserve.' Why not? Can't we change our wicked ways? Is everyone too afraid to fight the current power brokers because they fear they'll end-up dead like JFK? At the risk of being snatched-up as an enemy combatant and quickly black-bagged to Guantanamo, or conveniently suicided by shooting myself in the head (three times), I say we must end this madness now. We must.

Many influential people have warned us about the Feds. Presidents Lincoln, Jackson and Kennedy all tried to stop them. Even Rep. Ron Paul is on record for stating, 'Federal Reserve notes are illegal.'

For me, I try to find the lesson in everything past or present, good or bad. By nature, I'm a realist at heart and try to avoid being paranoid and do not usually place much trust in conspiracy theories. Yet, if time and magic bullets and official lies about September 11, 2001 have taught us anything, it's all-too-obvious we now know that many conspiracy theories -- is synonym for real crimes committed with the culprits running amuck.

Understand this well, the Federal Reserve scam is no foolish conspiracy theory. It's real. It exists. It's illegal. And it's still currently conducting business today on American soil. And its owners are getting rich beyond belief. Rest assured, this will continue unabated unless we unite against them to take back what is ours -- our country, our lives and our sacred financial freedom -- all of which will lie in limbo until we do.

For decades, Fed owners have been very illusive, a well-kept secret, but thanks to the Internet, the last bastion of free-flowing information, they could not elude us forever. Its ownership can be traced to a few wealthy simpletons with big pocketbooks. Memorize this list well. Become aware, tell everyone, these are the architects or our demise:

1) Rothschild Bank of England.
2) Warburg Bank of Hamburg.
3) Rothschild Bank of Berlin.
4) Lehman Brothers of New York.
5) Lazard Brothers of Paris.
6) Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York.
7) Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy.
8) Goldman, Sachs of New York.
9) Walburg Bank of Amsterdam.
10) Chase Manhattan Bank of New York

There is a promising future awaiting us. We can change our stars. Hope is not lost unless we choose to give up. For me, I awoke from this nightmare long ago while standing at the Vietnam Memorial with my father in the Winter of 82. But each moment can redefine who we really are, so get busy. Perhaps, after reading this, we will all become the heroes we always knew we could be. A great start is to...

--Move away from the sidelines and inform all Americans and collect signatures for a petition.

--Demand that Congress and the media support the rights of 'We the People' to uphold the Constitution and abolish the illegal Federal Reserve.

--Write to your local newspaper, ask them to keep freedom of the press alive, support the Constitution and abolish the Fed. Freedom of the press should not be limited to those who own it.

--Ask your State/County Representatives to use their Constitutional powers to enforce your rights under the Constitution to have the Fed abolished.

--Call in on TV and radio talk shows and discuss why the Fed should be abolished.

--Support businesses who distribute your petitions, and if they don't, please ask them to.

--Ask candidates if they plan to introduce legislation to abolish the Fed and uphold the Constitution which they are obligated to defend. Make candidates take a stand! Have every politician sign a contract with 'We the People' enacting legislation to abolish the Fed by a certain date or that politician must resign from office. The Democratic Congress and President promised the people 'no Fed' before the election. Thirteen months later, they passed the Fed.

--Create and/or post bumper stickers on your car to show support and inform people to abolish the Fed.

If 5,000 people distribute two or three brochures daily, we can inform half a million Americans a month. Roughly 10% of this number will make copies and inform others. Our goal should be to inform 70-million adult Americans. Public opinion will soon be on our side. Once 10% of the population know, the other 90% will follow.

And finally...if you would, pray and ask God to return us to 'One nation under God.'

Authors Bio: Vince is a freelance writer from Arizona, a contributing writer for many web sites, and a lifetime founding member of the Alliance of Atomic Veterans. The 21st century, once so full of shining promise, now threatens to force countless millions of us at home and abroad into a dark abyss of languishing poverty and silent servitude; a lowly prodigy of painful struggle and suffering that could stream for generations to come. I'm wishing for a miracle, before it is too late, the masses will figure it out and will stand as one and roar. So, pass the word -- it's past time to take back what is ours -- the American Dream where the pursuit of happiness, the ability to live in a free and peaceful nation is a reality. We bought it, and we paid for it. It's time to take it back. Contact:

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Obama's "Fight the Smears" website

What I find most interesting about America's supposedly rejection of a possible Muslim president is America's possible embrace of a Jewish president. Considering that America is a "Christian" nation, the notion that a Jewish president would be preferable to a Muslim one is, to me, outrageous. I mean, would a Christian nation really reject a Muslim, who truly honors and loves Jesus and Mary - holding them both in exremely high regard, and embrace a Jew, who denies Jesus' very existence and goes as far as to claim that Mary may have been a prostitute and that Jesus may have been the illegitate son of a Roman soldier?

On second thought, yes, they probably would...

The Jewish Experience

"Once we are brave enough to explore the Jewish question and Jewish identity we may be able to understand that Israeli apartheid is not just political circumstances, it is actually a natural outcome of a particular racially orientated tribal philosophy. The Israeli wall is not a political measure but rather a manifestation of an exclusive racist attitude that stands at the core of the Jewish notion of segregation. Once we stand up and insist upon interpreting Israeli/Zionist scrutinising of the Jewish question we may as well grasp why Senator Obama rushed to the AIPAC conference three hours after his nomination for the Democratic Party was secured. The set of promises made by Obama, Clinton and McCain in AIPAC a few days ago is in fact a true reflection of the contemporary Jewish experience. The senators feed the Jewish American prominent lobbyists exactly with the food they want to swallow. At the expense of the Palestinians, Iraqis, Syrians, Iranians and billion Muslims, American politicians openly promise that America will keep being biased. Seemingly, America prefers to appease its tiny Jewish minority instead of being an international mediator and a true genuine negotiator."

United, US Airways join in bag fees

"The Chicago, Illinois-based airline said the fee to check a second bag will be $25 each way. The fee to check three or more bags, overweight bags or "items that require special handling" will increase from $100 to $125 or from $200 to $250, depending on the item, United said in a statement."

ExxonMobil to sell 2,220 gas stations

"The nation's largest oil company, which earned nearly $41 billion last year, says it will sell more than 2,000 stations over the next few years."

4,000 homes evacuated amid flooding in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

"We're just kind of at God's mercy right now, so hopefully people that never prayed before this, it might be a good time to start," Linn County Sheriff Don Zeller said. "We're going to need a lot of prayers, and people are going to need a lot of patience and understanding."

Corn price jumps to record for 6th day on Midwest floods

"Corn prices climbed further into record territory Thursday after more rain doused the Midwest, leaving flooded corn crops deeper underwater and threatening livestock owners who depend on the grain to feed their herds."

The Republic on a Knife's Edge

"At the heart of the June 12 decision was the majority’s recognition that President Bush and his political allies have been playing games with the Constitution by turning Guantanamo into a legal black hole for the indefinite imprisonment (or kangaroo-court trials) of people Bush deems “unlawful enemy combatants.”"

What should have been said to AIPAC

"McCain and Obama claim to be Israel's best friend and try to prove it by outdoing each other in their unqualified support for the Jewish state, as we just saw at the AIPAC conference. But the threats Israel faces hardly match the candidates' apocalyptic rhetoric and their unthinking support for almost every policy Israel adopts. This is not good for Israel, much less America. Although it is not clear who will win the race for the White House this fall, it is already clear that the winner will be no real friend of Israel."

Iraq – 'liberated' nation or outpost of empire?

"If and when Obama takes the White House, the Iraq war will immediately become his war, and his party's war. The issue will then be: a negotiated end to the conflict and the occupation, or else a series of "surges" culminating in an open conflict with Iran. A third scenario – an ignominious helicopters-taking-off-from-rooftops retreat – is a real possibility, too. Staying the course is no longer an option."

Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Failed Project for the New American Century?

In 1997, many of the names we have seen so often since the War in Iraq began were listed as members of a neoconservative think tank called “Project for a New American Century,” or PNAC.

"George W. Bush was elected in 2000, and his Vice President (Dick Cheney), the VP’s Chief of Staff (I. Lewis Scootter Libby), Secretary of Defense (Donald Rumsfeld), Deputy Secretary of Defense (Paul Wolfowitz), Deputy Secretary of State (Richard Armitage), and his appointed Ambassador to the UN (John R. Bolton) were all members of PNAC, as well as many members of his cabinet and his brother Jeb, who was Governor of Florida during the recount that made him president. PNAC published a 90 page report entitled “Rebuilding America's Defenses: Strategies, Forces, and Resources for a New Century” which explains exactly how they planned to implement their program, and also states, “Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor.” They knew the American people wouldn’t go for the plan without a major catastrophe, and they were about to get it. But let’s backtrack just a bit."

Security scans will show sex organs

"SECURITY scanners that can see through passengers' clothing and reveal details such as their sex organs, colostomy bags and breast size, are being installed in 10 US airports."


"As more than 5,000 Jewish-American activists ascended Capitol Hill last week, the most common word circulating through panel discussions, daily briefings, and remarks made by high-level officials and presidential candidates was “security” — more accurately, Israel’s security."

Guantanamo Inmates May Seek Release, High Court Says

"Guantanamo Bay inmates have constitutional rights and may seek release in federal court, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in a rebuke to the Bush administration and Congress on their handling of accused terrorists."

Levee breaks near city, thousands evacuate

"The rising Cedar River burst through an earthen levee Thursday just outside Cedar Rapids, and at least 10,000 people there have been ordered to evacuate, officials told NBC News."

Gadhafi: Obama fears Israel will assassinate him like it did JFK

"Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi said on Wednesday that U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama's expressed support for Israel stems from his fear that the Mossad would assassinate him, just as it did President John F. Kennedy."

Bush to face huge anti-war demonstration in Italy

"President Bush can look forward to a hearty welcome from his old friend, the charismatic Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi, and Pope Benedict XVI during his visit to Rome. That's not what he should expect in the streets, however, where anti-Bush sentiment over the war in Iraq still lingers."

Not all Democrats falling for Obama

"Nothing personal, Sen. Obama, but our re-election comes first. Barack Obama, for all his attention and primary successes, does not go over so well in a fair number of Democratic lawmakers' home districts. So it seems there is little chance that some will endorse him for president."

Settlers fake kidnapping near Nablus

"Large numbers IDF troops entered the village of Ein Abous near Nablus Wednesday overnight, following a report by two settler youths from the area who claimed a friend of theirs had been kidnapped by Palestinians."

What's not reported is the number of Palestianian women and children that were murdered during this charade.

Commodity prices show no letup

A flooded cornfield in Decatur, Illinois. Heavy rains have prevented planting in some areas, leading some farmers to abandon corn in the last few days. (Daniel R. Patmore/The Associated Press)

"On Thursday, the price of corn hit a new record, after shooting through the $7 barrier for the first time a day earlier. Oil held fairly steady after oil jumping more than $5 a barrel. Soybeans and wheat posted further gains."

Why the Oil Price Is High

"Saudi Oil Minister Ali al-Naimi recently stated, “There is no justification for the current rise in prices.” What the minister means is that there are no shortages or supply disruptions. He means no real reasons as distinct from speculative or psychological reasons."

E.U. seen holding off on Israel upgrade

"Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni is heading to Luxembourg next week to ask E.U. leaders to sign a joint declaration upgrading the Jewish state's market ties with the 27-nation bloc."

Exposing Bush Administration Corruption

"On May 16, 2008, Arrigo sent extensive government corruption and cover-up information to Henry Waxman, Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform committee - in 12 separate cases. This article covers four of them or about one-third of what Congress got."

4 dead, 40 injured as tornado hits Boy Scout camp

"A tornado tore through a Boy Scout camp in the remote hills of western Iowa on Wednesday, killing at least four people and injuring 40, and setting off a frantic search to reach others in the piles of debris and downed trees."

U.S. corn soars to record as crop flooded

"U.S. corn futures soared more than 4 percent to a fresh record high for the fifth consecutive trading session on Wednesday as flooding expanded in the U.S. Midwest, harming the 2008 corn crop."

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Stocks decline as oil prices rebound

"Wall Street fell sharply Wednesday as oil prices rebounded, aggravating concerns that inflation may lead the world's central banks to raise interest rates. The Dow Jones industrial average fell more than 150 points."

In Case You Missed It: US arrests 200 young Israelis in spying investigation

"Up to 200 young Israelis, some of them former members of military intelligence units, have been arrested in America in the past year, a leaked government report disclosed yesterday. Some had used cover stories to gain access to sensitive government buildings and the homes of American officials. The report said the actions of some of the Israelis, most of whom had outstayed tourist visas, "may well be an organised intelligence-gathering activity"."

McCain: It's "not too important" when troops come home

"The Obama campaign and Democratic leaders accused Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) of being confused and heartless after he told NBC’s “Today” show Wednesday that it’s “not too important” when U.S. troops return from Iraq."

Johnson Quits Obama's Vice Presidential Search Team

" James Johnson said he is leaving Senator Barack Obama's vice presidential search committee after a newspaper reported he may have received preferential mortgage terms from Countrywide Financial Corp."

UAE to purchase Chrysler Building

"The deal follows last month's sale of the GM Building and three other Macklowe/Equity Portfolio properties for $3.95 billion to a group of investors including the wealth funds of Kuwait and Qatar and Boston Properties."

Iraqis Condemn American Demands

"High-level negotiations over the future role of the U.S. military in Iraq have turned into an increasingly acrimonious public debate, with Iraqi politicians denouncing what they say are U.S. demands to maintain nearly 60 bases in their country indefinitely."

Pakistan slams 'cowardly' U.S. airstrike

A man who was wounded in an attack near Pakistan's border arrives at a hospital in Peshawar for treatment on Wednesday.

"The Pakistani army said the coalition airstrike hit a post of the paramilitary Frontier Corps and was a "completely unprovoked and cowardly act.""

US airstrike kills 11 Pakistani soldiers

"A Pakistani army statement said the clash in the Mohmand tribal region "had hit at the very basis of cooperation" between the two countries in the war on terror."

Antarctic base gets condom haul before winter

"Bill Henriksen, the manager of the McMurdo base station, said nearly 16,500 condoms were delivered last month and would be made available, free of charge, to staff throughout the year to avoid the potential embarrassment of having to buy them."

Jampacked transit systems running on fumes

"Mass transit ridership is at its highest point in 50 years, the according to research by the American Public Transportation Association. For many riders, it just got too expensive to drive."

North America tomato industry reeling: growers

"Florida's tomato industry is in "complete collapse" and growers in California and Mexico are having trouble selling their crops as U.S. regulators hunt the source of a salmonella outbreak linked to certain tomato varieties, growers said on Tuesday."

Bush regrets tough talk leading up to Iraq war

"President Bush has admitted to The Times that his gun-slinging rhetoric made the world believe that he was a “guy really anxious for war” in Iraq. He said that his aim now was to leave his successor a legacy of international diplomacy for tackling Iran."

Deadly Fallout From Obama's Groveling Before Israel Lobby

"Watching the candidates pandering to the AIPAC crew makes one wonder if those in the Israeli Lobby’s audience felt any embarrassment at all by forcing such groveling for support on what were then three potential presidents of the United States. From what I saw on television, at least the leadership of AIPAC seemed to be reveling in the groveling as each of the three willingly handed over their dignity on national television as they bent over to kiss the behinds of the leaders."

Ali Allawi: This raises huge questions over our independence

"It is only now that Iraqis have woken up to the possibility that Iraq might be a signatory on a long-term security treaty with the US, as a price for regaining its full sovereignty. Iraqis must know its details and implications. How would such an alliance constrain Iraq's freedom in choosing its commercial, military and political partners? Will Iraq be obliged to openly or covertly support all of America's policies in the Middle East? These are issues of a vital nature that cannot be brushed aside with the Iraqi government's platitudes about "protecting Iraqi interests"."

Pay no mind to the Mossad agent on the line.

"Virtually every U.S. government body concerned with security has confirmed that Israeli espionage takes place, though it is frequently not exposed because FBI officers know that investigating these crimes is frustrating and does no favors for their careers."

Senate report exposes key role of the Israel lobby in fomenting war with Iran

"The Office of Special Plans was one of several neocon-created "parallel institutions" designed to circumvent the ordinary vetting process for intelligence gathered by U.S. agencies. Two analysts from the neocons' DoD policy shop, Harold Rhode and Larry Franklin, were assigned to the Rome meetings. Franklin was once Douglas Feith's top Iran analyst. His career ended in 2005 when he was convicted of stealing U.S. state secrets on behalf of Israel."

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Zionist terror 1946 to 2001

"Ehud Olmert, who would go on become the Likud Party President of Israel was present in New York City on the night of September 10, 2001. This was reported by 9/11 writer Christopher Bollyn. Olmert’s comrade that evening was Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Yet this was not mentioned in the US press, only the Israeli and foreign press. Could Olmert possibly be tied to the events, or was it just coincidence?"

Obama's AIPAC Failure

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama on screen receives applause during his address before the American Israel Public Affairs Committee Policy Conference 2008 in Washington.

"The failure by Barack Obama to chart another course in the Middle East, to defy the Israel lobby and to denounce the Bush administration’s inexorable march toward a conflict with Iran is a failure to challenge the collective insanity that has gripped the political leadership in the United States and Israel."

Monday, June 9, 2008

Controversy of US Aid to Israel

"Israel is by far the largest recipient of US foreign aid. The US financial support to Israel has been exceeding the three billion mark per year since 1985, the majority of which is in military aid."

To war or not to war with Iran: that is the temptation

"Over the recent weeks, US officials and the vassal Israeli regime have ramped up their aggressive rhetoric against the Islamic Republic of Iran, making their usual threat that they will attack Iran's nuclear facilities if the country continues its nuclear program."

U.S. Military’s Middle East Crusade for Christ

“They are proselytizing not on behalf of the Constitution of the United States . . . but rather on behalf of some sort of fanatical view of end times. And they are using our army to affect that.”
 -Former Ambassador Joseph Wilson-

U.S. Consulate employee dies of heart attack at Israeli checkpoint

"Mohammed Mousa, 63, who has worked for forty years at the US Consulate in Jerusalem and is an American citizen, died of a heart attack when Israeli soldiers refused to allow him to pass through the checkpoint to work this week."


"In 2002, Brazilian political cartoonist Carlos Latuff introduced a drawing of Che Guevara with a kaffiyeh wrapped around his head. This image was popular amongst pro-Palestinian activists, but did not go mainstream. Why? Probably because it clearly calls for revolution in Palestine..."

Bahrain Defends Jewish Envoy

"Bahrain dismissed on Sunday, June 8, criticism over naming a Jewish woman as its new ambassador to the United States, stressing that the envoy is as much Bahraini as any other citizen of the small Gulf kingdom. "Regardless of religion, first and foremost she is Bahraini, just as her father was, just as her grandfather was," Foreign Minister Sheikh Khaled bin Ahmed al-Khalifa told a press conference."

Now, if only the ONLY democratic country in the Middle East, America's best friend Israel, could be so democratic.

With U.S. in slump, dual citizenship in EU countries attracts Americans

"For millions of Europeans who braved the Atlantic Ocean for a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty and dreams of a lavish life, there was little thought of ever emigrating back. Yet for a new generation of Americans of European descent, the Old Country is becoming a new country full of promise and opportunity."

Gas hits national average of $4 for first time

"Drivers are paying an average of $4 for a gallon of gasoline for the first time. AAA and the Oil Price Information Service say the national average price for a gallon of regular gas rose to $4.005 overnight from $3.988. But consumers in many parts of the country have already been paying well above that price for some time."

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Make No Mistake: McCain's a Neocon

"Since clinching the Republican presidential nomination, John McCain has sought to hide the forest of his neoconservative alignment with George W. Bush amid the trees of details, such as stressing differences over military tactics used in Iraq."


There should be no doubt where Obama stands in reference to the Arab world and Israel. The irony of his statement is that he stole it from a segregationist governor. George Wallace in the early 1960s took the stand to keep the state of Alabama segregated. His famous statement in defense of apartheid was, "Segregation today, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever." It boggles the mind to see an African American presidential candidate use such a statement. But, it is also accurate because of the segregated society Israel represents.

Oil consumers ask for boost in output

"Leading energy-consuming nations urged oil producers Saturday to boost their output to counter soaring prices threatening the world economy, while they pledged to develop clean energy technologies and improve efficiency."

Okay, for the last time folks, its not too little oil, its the value of the dollar.

Obama’s Comments on Israel Stir Criticism in U.S.

“With Barack Obama and his campaign watering down his statement for an undivided Jerusalem,” said Morton A. Klein, national president of the Zionist Organization of America, “one must question whether his initial remark was simply meant to mislead Jewish voters and Israel supporters by not stating his true beliefs on this issue.”

You see, Barack, they want your left testicle too.

In Case You Missed It: Odigo says workers were warned of attack

"Odigo, the instant messaging service, says that two of its workers received messages two hours before the Twin Towers attack on September 11 predicting the attack would happen, and the company has been cooperating with Israeli and American law enforcement, including the FBI, in trying to find the original sender of the message predicting the attack."

"I have moral authority"

"Jimmy Carter has snubbed the lecture circuit cash cow to devote his post-presidential life to brokering peace in the Middle East and fighting disease. So why is it that so many Americans can't stand him?"

The West's weapon of self-delusion

"Will this ever end? Even Barack Obama – or "Mr Baracka" as an Irish friend of mine innocently and wonderfully described him – found time to tell his Jewish audience that Jerusalem is the one undivided capital of Israel, which is not the view of the rest of the world which continues to regard the annexation of Arab East Jerusalem as illegal. The security of Israel. Say it again a thousand times: the security of Israel – and threaten Iran, for good measure."

No, I Can't! Obama and The Israeli Lobby

"After months of a tough and bitter race, a merciless struggle, Barack Obama has defeated his formidable opponent, Hillary Clinton. He has wrought a miracle: for the first time in history a black person has become a credible candidate for the presidency of the most powerful country in the world. And what was the first thing he did after his astounding victory? He ran to the conference of the Israel lobby, AIPAC, and made a speech that broke all records for obsequiousness and fawning. That is shocking enough. Even more shocking is the fact that nobody was shocked."

In emotional end to her campaign, Clinton endorses Obama

"Clinton's quest to be the first woman commander in chief ended with her imploring her backers to vote for Obama, saying he was a man of "grace and grit" who was, like her, tilting at history after living the American dream."

EU dignitaries hurt by IDF fire during West Bank protest

"The vice president of the European parliament, an Italian judge and a Northern Irish Nobel Peace prize laureate were among the five people injured at while visiting a Palestinian village as part of a three-day international conference on non-violent resistance, which ended Friday."

Iran demands Security Council action on Israel threat

"Such a dangerous threat against a sovereign state and a member of the United Nations constitutes a manifest violation of international law and contravenes the most fundamental principles of the Charter of the United Nations, and, thus, requires a resolute and clear response on the part of the United Nations, particularly the Security Council," Khazaee's letter to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, dated June 6, said.

We OBJECT! Its not a threat when Israel says it - its only a threat when Iran says it. Official Busch Administration Saurce