Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Islamic group condemns violence against Iraqi Christians

The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) on Tuesday joined the US in condemning deadly attacks against Christians in northern Iraq which have been blamed for the flight of over 1,000 families. OIC chief Ekmeleddin Ihasanoglu said the violence in the northern city of Mosul was "unprecedented in the history of Iraq." He called upon the Iraqi authorities to "prosecute the culprits who are behind these acts to end the suffering of Christian brothers and provide them with protection."

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5-Pillar Scribe said...

Now that Muslims have condemned the violence against the 1,500 Christians of Mosul by unknown assailants that took place recently; can we please get the Christians to condemn the violence against the rest of the Iraqi population, perpetrated by the 400,000 plus Judeo-Christian force within the last 5 years?