Saturday, December 20, 2008

Madoff's impact on Jewish charities

The president of the Jewish Funders Network, Mark Charendoff, has called Madoff’s collapse “the atomic bomb in the world of Jewish philanthropy.” The president of the Institute for Jewish & Community Research, Gary Tobin, spoke in equally dire terms: “For the philanthropic elite who invested with him, the means they would be giving away for many more years is gone. The long-term effects of dollars that would have been contributed is severe.”

Does anyone else see the "irony" or some would say, "justice" in this situation? Wasn't it mainly Zionist Jewish groups pressing for the investigation and closure of Muslim/Islamic charity/philanthropic groups? And, although, not as successfully as the Zionists would have liked, some Muslim charities have been closed. Now, one of their own have stuck it to them. I don't know, maybe it just me, but, I get a warm and satisfying feeling about that...

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