Sunday, October 5, 2008

Behind Governor Palin's lipstick, the pitbull vanishes

Sarah Palin’s performance in last week’s big debate revealed her emptiness

Palin says she will “reform” government but has offered no specific plans to describe what she means. She says she will cut spending but mentions only pork-barrel boondoggles, which account for a tiny fraction of America’s massive debt. Her response to the financial crisis is to “take on the greed and corruption” on Wall Street, whatever that may mean in practice. There is nothing there. She is not a pitbull with lipstick. She is lipstick on a Cheshire Cat that disappears on even cursory inspection. She is a gimmick, a good-luck Barbie doll fixed to the front of an eight-wheeler truck called the McCain Express.

Hitting the proverbial nail directly on it's head...

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