Tuesday, October 7, 2008

McCain, Obama clash over economic crisis

As Sen. Barack Obama looks on, Sen. John McCain answers a question at the debate in Nashville, Tenn.

Barack Obama and John McCain clashed repeatedly over the causes and cures for the worst economic crisis in 80 years Tuesday night in a debate in which Republican McCain called for a sweeping $300 billion program to shield homeowners from mortgage foreclosure.

As usual, a question about Israel made it's way into the US presidential debates - one would think US presidential candidates were running for prime minister of Israel.

In tonight's debate, the question was something to the effect, if Iran attacked Israel, would you use force to support Israel? To this, McCain dutifully repeated the now well debunked "wipe Israel off the map" and "stinking corpse" fabrications and vowed to never permit a "second holocaust." Obama to his credit, and a major reason I think he will be the next president, was not so vivacious in his support of the Jewish state. While Obama did his obligatory "Israel is our #1 ally in the Middle East" routine, he did not go as far as McCain in his statement of support for Israel and he certainly did not indicate a readiness to intercede with American blood and treasure on Israel's behalf. Obama, it seems, understand that Americans are in no mode to fight a 3rd war against an Islamic country - on it's own behalf let alone for Israel. He seems to recognize that there are costs associated with supporting the Jewish state, and the costs may be higher than the American people are willing to pay.

Expect the viewers to give a clear victory to Obama in tonight's debate and the gap between Obama and McCain to widen. Of course, the media will continue to emphasize the economy as the main reason for McCain's demise, but McCain's blind support for Israel and his readiness to use force against Israel's enemies is undeniably a major factor.

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