Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Five sisters killed in Gaza while they slept

'You will be martyrs': These were the words spoken by the surviving sister as her five siblings, Jawaher, four, Dina, eight, Samar, 12, Ikram, 15 and Tahrir, 17, lay dying beneath the rubble of their home

The five Palestinian sisters were fast asleep when a night-time Israeli airstrike hit the next-door mosque in Gaza. One of the walls collapsed on to their small asbestos-roofed home and they were all killed in their beds. The eldest sister, Tahrir, was 17 years old, the youngest, Jawaher, just four.

What kind of people would do this?? Can these people really be "God's Chosen People??" These people who did this are chosen alright - but not by God. The murderers who did this are chosen by Satan!!!

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