Sunday, December 28, 2008

Why there were rockets

How to explain things to totally ignorant Americans

Israel is a country that builds racial colonies into Palestine, just like the White South Africa did in South Africa. They have racially segregated cites and towns in Palestine which are for Jews only and were built by force and are protected by a standing army. The entire world is against this other than America. And America's Military Industrial Complex makes far too much money off of the conflicts to ever change its mind.

Furthermore even though "some Arabs" live in Israel, they can't even go to High school with Jews. They are separated at the age of 14 into separate schools by race. Secondly Israel has mandatory military service and refusing to do this equates to secondary rights as citizens. You earn special rights by joining or having joined the military. Many Arab Israelis won't join the military as they are 99% certain they will just be used to shoot at other Arabs. Thus the Jews in Israel effectively get a proxy pecking order of citizenry with the Arabs as an under class with less rights.

Why are they fighting? Because Israel maintains a military occupation, the same as America does in Iraq. The Palestinians who choose to go the route of Gorilla war do so because Israel's army has forced 6 million of them to live in refugee camps, and uses the remainder for virtual slave labor (two dollars a week on average) and has demolished thousands of homes and killed tens of thousands of people. THAT is why Palestinians hate them, not some irrational brainwashing from Islam.

Obviously militant forms of the religion are going to arise and become popular when their country is under occupation and people live in a Hell on Earth. They can't even drive on the same roads as the Jews. They have color coded license plates. And yet Zionist Settlements like Hebron can be composed of the most fanatic of Settlers who can vandalize, steal, and destroy property at will with no threat of the law because they are protected by Israeli solders who sit in towers or in the apartheid wall and protect them.

That's the other thing. The wall. The wall is not for defense. For one it isn't even on the border. the wall cuts into Palestine and wraps around Israel's internationally illegal Settlements AKA racial colonies. That is what it is protecting, Israeli theft.

Suicide bombing (which haven't happened since 2005) occur because of occupation not Islam. It is the same reason they happen in Vietnam (which isn't even Muslim) or in Japan, or Lebanon etc. It's the occupation stupid.

How would America and Americans react if we were under a foreign military occupation. Them saying it was the will of their god to do it would hardly find an accepting ear. Oh "god" told you to kill my children and demolish my house, oh well in that case it's oK.... Not going to happen.

Israel needs to get out of Palestine. Remove all the settlements and the wall, lift all blockades, and try peace and trade. Just imagine how well would relations be with Canada if the US started destroying cities, building colonies, and blockading ports? Not very good. How much do you think they would trade with us? Probably nothing. There would be a war obviously. And even after losing (Sorry Canada but you wold lose) do you think the Canadian people would ever stop fighting on their own? Do you think they would ever stop attacks on America so long as the US held an occupation? No way. And would have nothing to do with religion. And how could America blame THEM for the attacks if the US had the military occupation? Or imagine the US trying to claim it was Defense? And Canada was trying to push the US into the Sea.

But that is what is going on with Israel and Palestine. A far larger military power is just brutalizing its neighbors, colonizing them 17th century style, and swiping their vital natural resources like water.

What brought about the rockets? Months of blockade and starvation. As well as weekly "incursions" into Gaza by the Israeli army to "kill militants" but often got civilians. How can the news ignore the blockade and just talk about rockets? Because this is America. The same nation that invaded Iraq based on complete bullshit most of which originated form Israel too.

If your folks won't read and need to see a film then show them this Peace Propaganda and the Promised Land.

or if they get into it just say this

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Do it soon because
Israel is preparing a ground invasion.

People of America or wherever you live. We need to go out into the streets and protest this war. Don't wait for some giant organization. Just go make a sign from walmart or whatever and go sit at your nearest mall or crowded place. Film it. You probably will get removed but the message will get out. I will post all the videos and if the ADL youtube censors you just use Russian RU tube or host it yourself.

We have got to act. Now you've got the information form this forum. GO spread that on the web and then go outside camera in hand (if you have one) and a sign and get tossed from some public place.

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