Saturday, December 27, 2008

Israeli jets kill ‘at least 225’ in revenge strikes on Gaza

The Israeli missile attacks left hundreds of Palestinians killed or wounded in the Bureij refugee camp and elsewhere in the Gaza Strip. The strikes, which involved 60 planes, came days after a six-month ceasefire with Hamas expired. The militant group vowed to carry out revenge attacks

Israel yesterday launched its largest raid on Gaza with two waves of air attacks that killed at least 225 people and injured more than 700, according to Palestinian doctors. Children on their way home from school and policemen parading for a graduation ceremony were the principal victims of a bloody few hours that left the territory in flames.

Consider the sick and twisted mentality of a people who parade around and thump their collective chests with pride because they launched a "successful attack" against a straved and defenseless people. And, get this - the attack consisted of more than 50 fighter jets and attack helicopters. Thirty minutes later, the brave Israelis sent a second wave of 60 jets and helicopters to murder more women and children. What's even sicker and more twisted is the American reaction to this campaign of mass murder - to tell Hamas to stop attacking Israel. Go figure...

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