Thursday, December 25, 2008

Nazi and (so-called) Holocaust themes dominate holiday cinema season

'Tis the season to gather, be grateful for what we have and share what we can. But for cinephiles, it's awards season, and that means dreary fare — particularly with a World War II or Holocaust focus. No fewer than six are set for release this holiday season.

The Zionists' feable attempt to force feed the American public a healthy dose of "Jewish pity pills" while they continue to perpetrate war crimes and crimes against humanity in Palestine. These movies are intended to "soften up" the American public to an already planned invasion of Gaza and mass murder of Palestinian innocent men, women, and children. I guess killing Gazans by the fives and tens aren't quick enough for the blood thirsty Israeli Zio-Nazis. It's time to implement the "final solution."

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