Friday, January 9, 2009

Hamas rejects UN ceasefire as death toll mounts

Hamas has rejected a UN ceasefire as Israel killed 30 Palestinians in guaranteed safe house. Fighting continued in the region with claims Israel allowed 110 Palestinians into a safe house but then shelled it, killing 30, AFP said.

Really, can you blame Hamas? How can you have a ceasefire with the Zionists -who would allow innocent people into a supposed "safe house" then intentionally shell it? That's premediated murder anyway you look at it. Again, I ask, what kind of people are these Zionists? And, what kind of people are those who support them??

For Hamas' part - they realize that Israel can only knock down buildings and murder innocent people. Hamas knows full well that in order for the Zionists to achieve any of their stated objectives they will have to move into the cities where their technical advantages will be minimized and the advantage will shift to Hamas. In Hamas' opinion, that is when the "war" will really start. As the Palestinians see it, they can either die on their feet, fighting for freedom from occupation and oppression - or, they can die on their knees of stravation and destitution due to the blockade. Just as the "true Jews" did in the Warsaw ghetto not so long ago, the Palestinians simply choose to die on their feet...

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