Friday, January 9, 2009

Israel ignores U.N. call for immediate cease-fire

Air force bombs at least 50 Gaza targets as 14-day assault rages on

Israel pushed ahead with its offensive in the Gaza Strip on Friday, ignoring a U.N. Security Council resolution calling for an immediate cease-fire in the 14-day-old conflict. Israeli warplanes dropped bombs on the outskirts of the city of Gaza, residents said. Elsewhere, Palestinian medics said tanks shelled a house in Beit Lahiya in the northern Gaza Strip, killing six Palestinians from the same family.

Of course the Zionist state ignores the cease-fire. Zionists are above international law.

Okay, for the "un-initiated," Israel is basically getting her As* kicked in Gaza. Yea, I know the Zionists murderers have killed over 800 Palestinians now - but, most of those are innocent men, women and children. The Zionists want to continue the fight until they feel they have the upper hand. But, Hamas is still strong, still intact, still supported by the Palestinians, and still inflicting severe and constant damages on the Zionists ground troops.

Of course, Israel never reveals it's "casualities," (there is nothing causal about war), but the fact that the IDF (Isreali Death Force) cannot advance beyond the outskirts of the major cities and Hamas continues to fire rockets, mortars, and now real missiles deeper into Israel proper tells the true story. Recall at the start of this campaign of mass murder of innocent civilians, which the Zionists refer to as a "war," Israel were reporting her losses - Hamas were killing and wounding 30-40 IDF troops at a pop. Then the reporting abruptly stopped.

Now, the Zionist state is admitting to 13 dead but no mention of the number of wounded. In 2006, it was nearly a full year after the war with Hizbullah before we knew the full extent of the as* whipping Israel took - nearly 200 troops killed with many, many more severely wounded, 0ver 50 of the Zionists' "invincible" Merkava tanks were killed, 2 Destroyer ships were put out of commission, a number of drones and personnel carriers were lost. Various forms of Israeli small arms and shoulder fired weapons were also abandoned and confiscated by Hizbullah. All of this, in addition to the over 30,000 Hizbullah rockets and missiles which were fired into Israel during the 33 day war, which caused untold damage. And, most importantly - NONE of Israel's stated objectives were achieved. The same will be true in this case...

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