Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Black rabbi in Chicago seeks to bridge racial divide

"I have made it my point, on a personal level, to involve myself in the Jewish community," Funnye said. "I've worked for Jewish organizations. I've graduated from Jewish institutions. My children went to Jewish day school."

All of that and the Jews still don't or won't accept you. Really, Rabbi Funnye, don't you realize that Blacks, or any Goyim for that matter, can never REALLY be Jews? You see, it's not just a religion after all. And, oh yea, if you and your congregation are thinking about relocating to Israel in the future, I suggest you discuss your plans with the "Jews" from Ethiopia first - get their opinion on how Blacks are treated by "God's Chosen People." I think you will find their comments interesting. But, it's not like the Zionists are racist or anything like that...

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