Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Bloomberg's mistake

"Let's cut to the chase here. Could New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg, who is evidently now very serious about running for president, actually win as an independent?"

Bloomberg has no intention of being president, at least not in 2008, but he will probably run anyway. His real intention is to test the waters this time around to see if the US is ready to elect a Jewish president. Consider how the Zionists controlled main-stream media are down-playing Romney's Mormonism. "No one should be elected or rejected because of their religion." "There should be no religion test for political office." This is true except in the case of Muslims of course. The intent is to completely neutralize Christianity in the minds and hearts of America's Christians. That way, they will feel no particular guilt as Christians when they vote for and elect a president who completely reject all that their faith and nation is supposedly based on, Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

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