Monday, November 5, 2007

New AG Nominee: Zionist Dream Come True


The case that first secured Judge Mukasey a lasting reputation was the 1995 trial of 10 militant Muslims who were convicted of a plot to blow up the United Nations and other landmarks around the city. Following the trial — which lasted the better part of a year — Judge Mukasey sentenced the central defendant, the terrorist-sheik Omar Abdel Rahman and another man, El Sayyid Nosair, to life in prison.

Judge Mukasey has also presided over high-profile civil cases, including World Trade Center developer Larry Silverstein's battle with the insurers of the trade center.

NY Sun

From helping shakedown insurance companies over the Holocaust™, to trying alleged Muslim perps in the first WTC "false-flag" event in 1993, to helping one of his own secure billions of dollars in questionable insurance payments to the then owner of the WTC, Larry Silverstein, United States Atorney General nominee Mukasey has got to be a Zionist dream come true.

When he does gain office, and he will, with his buds in the Senate, Schumer, Feinstein and Specter paving the way, look for Mukasey to smother any attempts to seek the truth on the actual perpetrators behind 9/11.

One of his first acts will be to throw up roadblocks, if not actually dismiss, the AIAPC spying case, which is due for trial after the first of the year.

That case has members of AIPAC nervous, since if it would go to trial, there could be some nasty secrets revealed about the AIPAC spy ring which has infiltrated the US government at the highest levels.

And some of the people that have been subpoenaed, Secretary of State Rice, NSA honcho Stephen Hadley and Israeli Firster, Eliot Abrams, are the architects of the war against Iraq and the upcoming war against Iran. These types of people don't waste time in courtrooms, not when they could be doing their Zionist masters bidding.

One imagines Mukasey will take his oath of office with his hand on the Torah and not the KLV Bible.

Keep in mind that Mukasey is also on Rudy Giuliani's campaign committee as a Justice Advisor. Just what the megalomaniac Giuliani needs on his campaign: A US Attorney General who is an advocate of torture.

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