Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Chicken and Egg of Communism

by Voltaire - August 1, 2007

Since it is now an admitted fact that Jews created communism and were its ruling class for forty years after the revolution, Jewish apologetic historiography has adopted the task of exculpating Jews collectively of the crime. One defense, that the Jewish people as a whole, cannot be held responsible for the acts of a few renegades, is extremely weak. It was, after all, not just a few Jewish individuals who were involved. It was the bulk of the Jewish masses throughout Russia/Eastern Europe who were responsible. The Jews who were not communists were the renegades. Nor is it true, as the Jewish apologetic historians pretend, that the Jewish communists had abandoned Judaism. As Professor Kevin MacDonald has shown, a great many revolutionaries regarded their Marxism as fully compatible with their Jewish ethnicity and traditions. More than a few of them regarded the socialism of Marx as a continuation of the socialism of the prophets. Did not Leopold Greenberg, the editor of the Jewish Chronicle of London, state that 'the ideals of bolshevism were consistent with the highest ideals of Judaism'?

Jews outside Russia/Eastern Europe also bear a collective responsibility for communism. These Jews never mounted any international protest against the massacre of millions by the Jewish commissars the same way they protested the alleged 'gas chambers' of Adolf Hitler. Indeed, Jews world wide were most fulsome in their praise of the Soviet regime long after its murderous, totalitarian character became clear.

Another Jewish apologetic defense of the vast Jewish overrepresentation in communism is that anti-Semitism forced them into it in self defense. Why, if Czarist oppression had not deprived Jews of their rights and upward mobility-and if pogromists had not forced them into the arms of the Red Army, then Jews would never have embraced Godless communism. (Just as, one supposes, the wicked Huns of Kaiser Wilhelm would never have turned to Nazism had it not been for that God awful Treaty of Versailles.) And here we come to the chicken and egg question of communism. Did Czarist oppression cause the Jews to turn to communism? Or was it the Jewish revolutionary activity which provoked the Czarist anti-Semitism as a legitimate form of self defense?

One way of analyzing the question is to apply the same analytical model to other historical situations for purposes of comparison. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict offers the ideal choice. The conflict between the Jews and the Arabs is as heated as the conflict between the Jews and the Russians used to be. The Jews have clearly inverted the truth about the Middle East conflict. They have falsely claimed that Arab terrorism forces Israel to act harshly in self defense when in fact it was the Jewish expulsion and theft of an Arab country which caused the Arabs to react in anger and desperation. Is it not reasonable to assume that since the Jews are reversing cause and effect on Middle East problems that they would also be reversing cause and effect on anti-Semitism and Marxism the same way?

The Jews have applied collective guilt to the Germans for the oppressions of National Socialism. But the Jews do not want collective guilt for themselves for a Jewish created, Jewish dominated movement with much more provable, much bloodier crimes to its credit. The Jews shall respond that the Germans were a nation, something which the Jews are not. Yet the prophets of the Zionist movement, from Theodore Herzl to the present day, have always proclaimed that the Jews are 'a people, one people'. They have argued that Jews all over the earth, no matter where they reside, are members of the oldest nation extant, and that no temporary nor transitory residence in someone else's land can trump their Jewish nationality. Yet when these statements are used against them to establish corporate liability, the Jewish apologetic historians respond: 'Oh, but those are merely Zionist statements and they do not bind the Jewish people legally.'

It should be clear by now that the Jewish people do have a collective responsibility for the horrendous mass murders of communism, just as they have a collective responsibility for the crimes of the state of Israel right now. Israel gets away with its monstrous oppressions of the Palestinians because of the support it receives from the Jews of America. When communism was a worldwide threat it was supported in all countries of the world primarily by Jews interested in spreading it. Were not communist agents, spies and provocateurs everywhere in the world in the 1920s through 1940s primarily Jews? Just how much Jewish involvement in communism does there have to be over how many years before the doctrine of Jewish collective responsibility applies?

The Jewish apologetic historians shall never honestly address this question. They shall always pretend that Jewish participation in communism was an aberration and that collectively, the Jewish people are as pure as the driven snow. That response is only to be expected. But it should deceive no one even minimally acquainted with the facts.

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