Monday, July 30, 2007

More Quotable Quotes of Patrick Grimm

by Patrick Grimm - July 31, 2007

“Humility is a trait deserving of praise, but false humility is deserving of nothing save scorn, for it is simply ‘chutzpah’ and underhandedness wearing the mask of selflessness and piety.”

“The Jews are a formidable opponent of the European-American, not because they declare their malign intentions openly, but because they force us, through their immense influence and wealth, to deny that they have any inordinate power whatsoever.”

“Jewishness, at its arrogant and pernicious worst, is nothing more than conceit taken to the umpteenth power, then multiplied by endless doses of faux innocence derived from a god complex that answers to no greater authority than itself.”

“Most of what passes for a ‘Chosen People’ tableau takes little of its inspiration from religion. What it does rob from liberally is the quasi-theology of a Nietzschean Will To Power that can never be satiated, never be slaked and can never be contented. To satisfy Jewish demands is to issue upon yourself and your heritage self-immolation and finally, a Gentile group suicide pact. The terms are thus: You can drink the Kool-Aid now or drink it later with a cookie on the side.”

“Arguing with a Jewish member of the supremacist camp is like having a debate with a grizzly bear whose appetite has already been whetted by carnivoristic exploits in the past. He can eat you now or eat you later. He may then offer you the option of being consumed speedily or slowly. In other words, you get not much of an option at all.”

“Anti-Semitism in the truest sense of the worn epithet is not bigotry. It is a will to live, to thrive and to not be stymied by an alien tribe. The fact that anti-Semitism is used as a feared insult tells you nothing about the labelee and everything about the labeler. The labeler does not will your survival, but what he does will is his control in any and all relationships.”

“There is no such thing as a selfless act. For any action to be selfless, the self would have to be removed from the human equation. This is not possible, hence selflessness is impossible.”

“The Jews have been called a ‘Wandering People.’ I believe that the Gentiles are a ‘Wondering People.’ The wondering people wonder why the wandering people hate them so much.”

Source: Zionist Watch

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