Thursday, August 2, 2007

Congressional anti-Semitism task force launched

Like my Grandma use to say, "this is a low-down dirty shame." With the world the way it is, one would think the US Congress could find a better way to serve the American people. Wait, pardon me, the US Congress doesn't work for the American people.

by JTA Breaking News - August 3, 2007

[Editor's note: This is beyond satire. The whole concept of "anti-semitism" was crafted by the Jewish establishment world-wide, well before Israel's existence, and well before WW 2, to distinguish prejudice against Jews from other types of racism in order to give the impression that it is something far more sinister and repulsive than other forms. Is it not interesting that a number of Jewish leaders over the years have made comments noting that a little anti-Semitism is not so bad because it keeps Jews united? I guess that's what makes it different. I don't recall representatives of any other group victimized by racism or prejudice claiming that such maltreatment was beneficial.

What other group is constantly taking and publicizing polls such as those commissioned by the ADL and other Jewish organizations to determine if non-Jews in the US and Europe think that "the Jews have too much power," an affirmative answer, that is, the truth, being considered by the Jewish poll takers as evidence that it is. Their plan has clearly worked. There is not a single museum in the United States that chronicles the crimes committed against the indigenous peoples of this country, or the Americas, or a single museum that details the viciousness of slavery in the way that the Holocaust Museum in Washington and the 90 other such museums across the country focus on the crimes committed against the Jews by the Nazis, with whom, ironically, the Zionists in Palestine collaborated with until the beginning of the war. Of course, this latest joke of a task force is just further evidence that the Jewish Zionist lobby runs the US Congress. And in the US today, the truth has become "anti-Semitic." -- Jeff Blankfort]

The Congressional Human Rights Caucus announced a task force that would deal with anti-Semitism.

"The Congressional Anti-Semitism Task Force will provide insights into the depth and effects of anti-Semitism worldwide," said an announcement Tuesday from the Human Rights Caucus. "The Task Force's primary role is to bring to light specific cases of anti-Semitism and educate Members of Congress, world leaders and citizens about the horrors that these cases pose on society."

The task force, the initiative of Human Rights Caucus co-chairman Rep. Tom Lantos (D-Calif.), will be chaired by U.S. Reps. Mike Pence (R-Ind.) and Ron Klein (D-Fla.).

Congressional caucuses are political groupings and have no legislative powers.

Source: JTA

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