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By Desert Peace - August 2, 2007

A new month brings a new death toll for Palestine. According to sources, 34 were killed by Israeli troops in the month of July.

The division created by Israel makes it easier to massacre the people living in Gaza with Abbas and company supporting their actions all the way.The following from the Ma'an News Agency speaks of the latest crimes .....

According to the Palestine Liberation Organisation's (PLO) department of national and international relations, Israeli forces have killed 34 Palestinians in July alone.

Among the dead were two children and a prisoner. Five of the 34 victims were assassination targets and two died at Israeli roadblocks while being transported to hospitals for treatment.

The monthly report reviews Israeli violations in the Palestinian territories. As did other issues, the July report concludes that Israeli forces continue their military activities and operations.

The PLO department stated that Israel is employing all kinds of weapons against Palestinians during incursions into Palestinian areas, and destroying farms and infrastructure.

The report added that in July the Israeli army destroyed six homes, of which three were in Jerusalem, arrested 220 citizens, Israeli settlers burned 2,250 olive trees and Israeli forces confiscated 30 dunums (1 dunum = 1,000 m²) in the Hebron area, so as to expand the Aetna settlement.

Internal conflict

The department also addressed the internal Palestinian conflict, saying it is necessary to return to dialogue. It urges Palestinians to forget their differences. The department pointed out that the Palestinian division enables the Israeli's to strengthen the occupation. Furthermore, the internal conflict is obstructing a working Palestinian parliament, the report said.

The report states that, instead of arguing, the Palestinians should take their national interests into consideration; the solution lies with arranging early legislative and presidential elections, which should be held according to the new election law.

The report warns the Palestinians against "outside agenda's, these agenda's will be on account of Palestinians' blood."

The report further stressed the Israeli violations in Jerusalem and that Israel continues the Judaisation of the city in an ongoing attempt to expel Palestinians from the area.

Finally, it pointed to the detrimental effects of the barriers and checkpoints in the West Bank and the violations of the settlers, who continue to attack Palestinians and their farms in order to steal their land.

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