Monday, July 30, 2007

McCain's latest rescue attempt

Wander if McCain still thinks his song "Bomb-Iran, Bomb-Iran, Bomb-Bomb Iran," is funny?

Capital Hill Blue - July 29, 2007

When the going gets tough the weak head for New Hampshire. So John McCain is in Manchester, hoping to somehow rescue his failing campaign. The odds are long against the former front runner for the GOP Presidential nomination. If he fails in New Hampshire, it's over. Reports The Washington Post:

Sickly. Weak. Feeble. Pick your choice. Any one of those words could be used to describe the campaign aura that's surrounded John McCain over the past couple of months. The one-time front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination has disappointing poll numbers and deathly results from the second quarter of fundraising. His failed effort to push through a comprehensive immigration bill has alienated him from many conservative Republican voters.

The Supreme Court has smacked around his campaign finance reform. Out of luck and money, he's a man looking for love. And so the McCain for President reclamation project begins early the morning of July 25 in the lobby of a law firm here. He's back home at the site of his greatest political triumph -- his win over George W. Bush in the New Hampshire primary seven years ago. It was here where Mr. Straight Talk Express shook hands with everyone and won over the press. It was here where he was happy.

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