Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Power Remains The Same

by Voltaire - August 1, 2007

The most incontrovertible proof of power is the ability to cover up. Jews have more power to cover up than any people on earth. The best proof of this is their cover up on the Jewish role in communism. No fact is better documented in the reference works or in the classified files of governments around the world than the fact that Jews created communism. The faces of the chief commissars in every Iron Curtain country were overwhelmingly Jewish for years after the Soviet tanks rolled in.

This is easily the most significant fact of the political history of the twentieth century. But it is the one fact which no one is any longer allowed to remember. It has been erased from the public mind as though it never existed. What sort of power is it which can take a fact with such earth shaking implications and erase it from the face of the earth? That is a question which most people would rather not think about because it frightens them. It should frighten them. A power which can bring mass murder and terror to the world and then disappear is a power which can reappear at any time. It may not reappear as communism. But it might reappear as a "War On Terror"-and as Homeland Security. Its chief executive officer might not be Vladimir Lenin-but Michael Chertoff instead.

A power which can change its colors does not change its essence. The terror, the totalitarianism, the urge to kill, imprison and maim remain the same. The former dictatorship of the proletariat may now advertise itself as the drive to destroy Islam. It wears the uniform of democracy rather than the uniform of socialist revolution. This power wears many guises but displays always the same face. The Committee on State Security is no different from the Department of Homeland Security. It is the rule of the Jew.

Source: ZioPedia.org

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