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Kantian Ethics, Stanislavskian Methods and the Jewish Question

By Patrick Grimm - August 1, 2007

I took a Philosophy class about ten years ago, a course taught by a very great teacher, the kind of teacher who inspires a student to want to learn more about the subject at hand. This particular instructor was a reflexive leftist, probably by all indications a member of the socialist camp, but he was not your typical leftist. He was open-minded, receptive to the ideas of others and never dismissive of worldviews which didn’t jive or gel with his own. Actually, I have met a few leftists like this professor, and of course, a few others who fulfilled every stereotype. But this could be said of all “groupings.”

This philosophy class is mentioned because there was one particular philosopher who stood out far and above all of the others whom I voraciously read, except for perhaps Socrates or Aristotle. This thinker was Immanuel Kant. I can recall digesting selections from his work and being illuminated, feeling as if a great moral framework had been put before me, laid out like a pathway, that, if followed, could truly lead not just myself, but every human being to a better world and a more qualitative life. Of course, like all novel ideas, Kant’s thoughts raised as many questions as they attempted to answer, and in that sense are imperfect (as all philosophies are) as a signpost on the path to moral self-improvement.

Immanuel Kant laid out his “categorical imperative” in one simple sentence which has now become famous in the philosophical world. “I am never to act otherwise than so that I could also will that my maxim should become universal law.” [1] An internet dictionary defines “maxim” as:
1. An expression of a general truth or principle, esp. an aphoristic or sententious one: the maxims of La Rochefoucauld
2. A principle or rule of conduct [2]

In other words, every action should be applied to the entire human race. I should ask myself carefully before I behave in a certain fashion “If this behavior were made into universal law, could humanity live with the results of it?” Or similarly “If everyone in the world conducted themselves in the way I am conducting myself, what would happen? Would the result be something humanity could live with or would anarchy ensue?”

This “categorical imperative” is very close to the Golden Rule put forth by Jesus Christ in his much-lauded teachings which have served to better Western Civilization in a myriad of ways. The only real difference is, Kant’s “imperative” broadens the scope and gives us the same adage the environmentalist greens often slap onto their bumpers. We should “Think Globally, Act Locally” when judging our actions. Would every human being gain beneficence if they followed the same course? Would a “civilized society” even be a possibility if this moral course was universalized?

Being an actor personally and having done a lot of stage work in the past, let me complicate things still further. Think of the “categorical imperative” this way. The “categorical imperative” is simply the Golden Rule of Jesus Christ melded or combined with the godfather of modern acting, Konstantin Stanislavski’s “Magic What-If” Method used for character development in a stage play. The “Magic What-If” suggests that “The actor should approach the role of asking, ‘What would I do if I were this character in this particular situation?’ He must find out all he can about the character and the situation.” [3]

How does this work, you may or may not ask? Take “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” and then, keeping in mind the repercussions of doing or not doing unto your neighbor, add a “What-If” such as “What if I committed adultery with my neighbor’s wife and then what if every man in the world committed adultery with his neighbor’s wife? What if everyone was engaged in this? Would it be good or bad for the world (Think Globally) if I fornicated (Act Locally) with a married woman and every man followed suit?” Of course it would not be good or beneficial, hence according to Immanuel Kant, adultery or illicit fornication is an immoral choice.

Let’s apply the same Kantian standards to the issue of Jewish supremacism (and you knew I would get to that) and the answer becomes quite obvious. “What if I remain silent and apathetic about the reality of Jewish supremacist subversion of the world? What if everyone remained silent and apathetic?” We can almost answer this one from experience. Most humans on this planet, at least of the Western persuasion, have remained not only silent and apathetic, but fearful, cowering and sometimes worshipfully prostrated before the Jewish extremists who run our governments, our media and a sizeable chunk of our planet. We have sat back and watched it happen, let them trammel us with their anti-white propaganda and their hatred for our heritage.

Now, thanks to our cowardice, our institutions are not even recognizable, the European-American has become a serf, a second-class citizen in his own nation and a Jewish-led gaggle of Third World invaders are rushing to our raped and despoiled country to displace and replace us and emaciate a culture they would never have had the intelligence to create on their own (and they haven’t and never will). Now white folks are pushed to the back of the line IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY and told by “multicultural” Jews that they must give up their birthright, their opportunity to advance as far as their talents will carry them because someone with an IQ 15-20 points lower than them deserves a “fair shot”, that we must “level the playing field.” No, the truth is, Third Worlders and those American citizens who think and behave like them deserve no such “fair shot” and “leveling the playing field” is just another misnomer which truly means “spreading the mediocrity” and “survival of the dimmest.” It’s an equalitarian mirage that the Jews have concocted to dismantle what they would call “WASP hegemony” or the “white power structure.”

You want to know what the answer to the “categorically imperative” question posed above looks like? Then take a good look around and feast your eyes on the “Jewish paradise” you reside in. Whites can now be killed with impunity and with a concomitant media black-out. The only time black or illegal alien crime is highlighted to any significant degree is when blacks or Mexican invaders speak or act against Jews. Then racism is an unspeakable evil that must be stamped out. No, our silence has gone on for long enough!

What if I say nothing, you say nothing and we all say nothing about Jewish supremacism, Jewish hatred, Jewish duplicity and Jewish thievery? What if we are just too polite, too genteel and too “nice” to call them on the carpet for a century’s worth of crimes, blood-letting, murder and mayhem that they have never been forced to answer for, all while they chase down 90-year-old Nazi camp guards for prosecution? The answer is elementary. You get a world that looks just like the one we live in. It’s a world (and especially an America) of profit at any price, mindless consumerism, greed, globalism, rampant sexually transmitted diseases, child porn, the mainstreaming of every type of perversion, wars without end, internationalism, open borders, broken economies, anti-white propaganda, anti-family propaganda, a dumbed-down populace, radical feminism, soft Communism, neo-conservatism (neo-Bolshevism), cheap labor and on and on it goes. We are, for all intents and purposes, a Jewish nation, a squandered resource, an annex for Israel. Our morality has now been alienized, our priorities are into whack with those of the Mammonite Jews who now lead us to wreck and to ruin. To remain silent is no longer an option, at least not for me.

What would Immanuel Kant say of our people if he could gaze upon us now, the Europeans he had such faith in? He, as well as any lettered man of his day understood the “Jewish Question” which he saw as a “Jewish Problem” at the worst of times. His philosophy, though not a perfect solution to every prickly moral quandary we land ourselves in, gives us the answer we need in these circumstances. When we universalize indolence to Jewish fanaticism, we reap a bitter harvest and a perhaps irreparably damaged nation. Here’s a new “What-If” for you. “What if we all decided to stand up and tell the truth about what the supremacist Jews are doing to the United States and the world?” The answer is as straight-forward and as simple as the question. Find the courage to ask the question, then internalize the answer. “Invent nothing, deny nothing,” an acting coach once taught me. But for God’s sake, do something.

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